Selling Out: NBA Adds Ads


Photo Edit Courtesy of Spencer Jones

The Philadelphia 76ers have been tagged as the first NBA team to sell ad space on their jersey’s. Starting in the 2017-2018 season, the Sixers along with the other 29 teams will start their three-year ad pilot program.  Though most fans are against this, because of how atrocious the ads are on WNBA, MLS and NASCAR uniforms, the NBA is limiting the size of them. Actually, few noticed that the 2016 Toronto All-Star game jerseys featured an ad from KIA. Though teams still have time to decide on who gets commercial space on their uniforms, it’s never too early to imagine.


Chicago Bulls – Giordano’s

Back in the 90s the Chicago Bulls and New York Knicks had one of the most memorable rivalries. Now, the only competition that these cities have is their pizza. It’s Deep Dish versus a stone-baked Neapolitan crust that’s sliced in large slices. The Bulls have the upper hand because of places around the city that have mastered the art of the deep dish like Giordano’s.  Giordano’s has been a staple to the city of Chicago for over 200 years and Bulls point guard Derrick Rose is a minority owner of the company. Fans can only dream of the tradition of the Bulls scoring over 100 points and instead of getting a free Big Mac, they get a free slice of Giordano’s.


San Antonio Spurs – Rogaine/ Just for men

Age is nothing but a number for the San Antonio Spurs. The players on their roster have no intentions of being the most fashionable in the league either. Rogaine or Just for Men could benefit from buying ad space with this team.  Tim Duncan is starting to look like the his days in the league are numbered and Manu Ginobili’s hairline is forming into a peninsula with scattered islands.


Golden State Warriors – FIJI Water

Recognized as the Splash Brothers, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson have been the best shooters this league has seen in awhile. Each shot that they put up is nothing but net, and sometimes you can even hear “the splash” sound as their shot goes in. The bay area could benefit from having FIJI pick up ad space on their jerseys. FIJI water is marketed as the purest bottled natural artesian water. If FIJI water were to take the form of a person, it would definitely be Stephen Curry.


Cleveland Cavaliers – Hormel Chili

I’ve been to Cleveland and after snapping pictures of Quicken Loans Arena my sentiments echoed that of a young Joakim Noah: “What’s so special about Cleveland?” A lot of old factories and abandoned buildings, but they had amazing chili. They had chili lasagna, chili spaghetti, and chili three-ways, four-ways and five-ways. It’s safe to say that the people love their chili over in Cleveland. What other company would look fitting on a Cavaliers jersey at this point then Hormel’s Chili?

The Hormel brand features five plus canned chili flavors that are sure to sell. The wide selection mirrors the team that has been assembled by general manager Dan Gilbert. They have two of the top five most efficient lineups in the playoffs this year. Hormel Chili could be to the Cavs what Campbell’s soup is to the NFL.


Charlotte Hornets – Jordan Brand

This is definitely a Michael Jordanesque kind of move. Nike has signed an apparel deal with the NBA that starts at the beginning of the 2017-2018 season. This is the same season that the NBA’s three-year ad pilot program begins. Jordan, being the influential legend that he is, could ditch the swoosh and have his Hornets rocking the Jumpman.


Los Angeles Lakers – Snapchat

Snapchat and Lakers Rookie D’Angelo Russell already have a bond that hasn’t gone unnoticed. Back in March,the young guard was in the midst of an immature scandal for secretly recording teammate Nick Young admit to cheating on his fiancé. Looking at the style of play from this Lakers team you would also see that their competitive nature lasted as long as a Snapchat video: 10 seconds. This team got lost in Kobe Bryant’s farewell tour, but things would’ve been a lot better for fans to have a Snapchat view from the bench of Kobe jacking up shot after shot.


Milwaukee Bucks – Huggies

The Milwaukee Bucks are ranked as the youngest team in the league (24.1 average age) according to Though they have a nice nucleus in Jabari Parker, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Kris Middleton, their inexperience and lack of veteran leadership was exposed throughout the season. Huggies would be a good fit for these young Bucks. They’re supportive and could ease the messy plays that the team tries to run.Plus Jason Kidd does look like a giant baby.