Get out the house: stay active this summer

Spencer Jones, Sports Editor

Summer ‘17 is fast approaching, and if last week’s weather was an indicator for what’s to come, then we should be in for a time to remember. Summertime Chicago is known for the numerous music and food festivals around the city, but there are opportunities to keep yourself in shape while enjoying the scenery. Here’s a few ways to stay active outdoors this summer in Chicago:

Dance in the Park – June 23 to Sept.14

If lifting weights is not your thing, then Grant Park in downtown Chicago has something for you. SummerDance has taken off in the past few years, offering a diverse background of music genres for you and your family to get loose to. The four month long event begins in the evening, so if you have a 9 to 5, you’ll still be able to participate. On certain days they offer dancing classes that are followed by music relating to the dance style you just learned. The best part is that it’s all free. Good for couples, families, friends or people who have a tendency to tune everyone out on the dance floor.

Lakefront Trail – All year long

If you’re interested in sightseeing, but don’t want to pay the absurd amount for a trolley, the Lakefront Trail is just for you. The trail is 22 miles long and it takes you from the Southeast side of the city toward the Evanston area. On any given day, thousands of people could be on the trail with their rollerblades, bicycles, skateboards or running shoes.

While exercising, you’ll come across Soldier Field, home of the Chicago Bears, the Museum of Science and Industry, the South Shore Cultural Center, the Chicago River and a host of Chicago known beaches. One thing to remember is that the warmer the weather, the more likely the trail could be congested with traffic. Early morning before work is an ideal time for those that are looking to maximize space.

Bicycle Tours – All year long, when weather permits

Want to do more sightseeing than the Lakeshore Trail permits? Then you need to rent a bike and tour the city. Numerous segway tours like Bike and Roll and Bobby’s Bike Hike Chicago are available for an inexpensive price tag. Each company has different bike routes that feature a tour guide. If you’re looking for more freedom on your bike tour, then grab a Divvy bike and get rolling.

Sports at the Park District – All Year long

Playing at the Chicago Park Districts is fun year long, but there’s an added incentive to playing in the summer. Playing a pickup basketball game at Rainbow Beach as the sun sets behind you, teaming up with colleagues for a company softball game, listening to music from the nearby festival and swimming in the pool while fireworks fly above you are all things to look forward to. If you check the Chicago Park District’s website for their calendar of events, you’ll be able to see the activities offered in your area for you and your family.