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On the birth of our nation:  A Letter to the Editor

On the birth of our nation: A Letter to the Editor

July 23, 2019

Unknown to many, the first patriot casualty of the Revolutionary War was a mulatto person, Crispus Attucks,...

Letter to the editor

August 22, 2017

I am heartbroken to report receiving a layoff notice this morning from Northeastern Illinois University. NEIU has been my workplace and my home away from home for nearly 6 years. I have loved serving the students at this wonderful university, from which I received my own Bachelor of Science degree in 1997. The overwhelming major...

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

April 23, 2013

"I was never scared of what they had done to me, I knew they violated the law and they would face charges later."

Letter to the Editor

April 12, 2013

Open Letter to Vice President of Student Affairs Frank Ross Dear Dr. Ross; Last year, on June 29th, 2012, students were summarily locked out of their club, the WZRD radio station by actions taken by then-Director of Student Affairs Sharron Evans, and Media Advisor Tasha Neumeister. The reasons given for this extreme action...

Letter to the editor – Students Voice in NEIU Campus Dining Experience

February 20, 2013

- [post-date] - Many students know what it feels like to have an empty stomach or to have their last few dollars in their wallet or bank account to spend on a snack or a small meal to hold them over until class that day. The Aramark contract was signed over the university’s winter break and made effective the start of...

Amendment 49, Unclear and Poorly Defined

October 31, 2012

On November 6, voters of the State of Illinois will be asked to vote on HJRCA49 (House Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment 49) an amendment to the Illinois Constitution. Few voters know anything about this amendment, though the state has sent a brochure regarding the amendment to Illinois residents. The decision by...

Growing Up in a Time to Wake Up

May 8, 2012

By Nada Jarad, NEIU Alum In 1994, the Rwandan genocide that cost the lives of approximately 800,000 lives occurred while the rest of the world remained silent and proclaimed ignorance. Years later, when I was in the 7th grade, my teacher described the events of the genocide to my class and I remember feeling shocked and outraged...


April 27, 2012

  I began my term as Student Trustee in February 2012. Entering mid-term, amidst a heated debate regarding tuition increases for incoming students and students who have been at NEIU longer than six years, was well underway. It was first proposed that incoming students would face a 3.6% increase in their tuitions and...

Letter to the Community

April 27, 2012

  NEIU students and faculty will soon receive a new Learning Management System (LMS) to support their academic courses. Our current LMS, Blackboard version 8, will be phased out gradually and be turned off completely by the end of the summer in 2013. As part of the process of selecting a replacement for our current LMS,...

NEIU Alumni Association Reception and HACU 17th Annual National Capitol Forum

April 17, 2012

                                  I left Chicago on a rainy day and was welcomed in Washington D.C. with a bright and sunny 81 degree day. It was also the first day of the National Cherry Blossom Festival. Fortunately, I had time to visit the Korean War Veterans Memorial Park and pay respect to all of the veterans (men and women) as well as those who fought and sacrificed to preserve democracy throughout our nation’s history. On Friday, March 23, the NEIU alumni reception in Washington D.C. at the University Clubkicked off more than 20 NEIU alumni and friends shared their personal NEIU success stories. NEIU President Sharon Hahs, Suleyma Perez, Executive Director of Government Relations, and Jon Hageman, Presidential Fellow were also present. On March 26 and 27, the NEIU group also attended the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities HACU’s 17th Annual National Capitol Forum to advocate on behalf of Title V and other higher education funding and legislation. At the alumni reception, the University Club was very warm and inviting, the perfect location for an intimate gathering. For more than 100 years, the University Club has stood as one of the Nation’s historic membership organizations. The club’s stately red brick edifice is situated among an enclave of cultural, scientific and diplomatic institutions, with the White House just a few blocks away. It was clear that there was a common bond that connected everyone, a sense of NEIU pride and commitment reverberated through the room. All those present agreed that NEIU fosters meaningful relationships and lifelong friendships. Interestingly, several alums were invited to the reception by their former NEIU professors, a tribute to the connections that are never forgotten. As we all listened and enjoyed each others’ stories, we realized that we must all do our best to expand our NEIU mentorship program to create opportunities for our current and future graduates. We learned that there are nearly 600 NEIU alumni in the DC area, which is an outstanding networking opportunity for our students. The NEIU Alumni Association says it best, “It’s all about connections!” At the HACU Capitol Forum, the NEIU group met with Jose Rico, Director of White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics, Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, Congressman Luis Gutierrez, Congressman Mike Quigley, Senator Dick Durbin andMark Kirk’s education congressional staff. The agenda was intensive and very productive. Sessions at the Capitol Forum included Funding Opportunities at the Federal Level and 2012 Election: HSIs and the New National Agenda. Representatives from FEMA, EPA, and DHS discussed grants and contract opportunities available for HSI and other HACU-member institutions. Again, President Hahs was front and center making sure that the NEIU agenda was heard. During lunch, Ken Salazar, Secretary of the Interior, explained that there are approximately 72,000 federal employees and many of them will retire in the near future. This is certainly an opportunity for NEIU graduates. During dinner, I took the opportunity to give Jose Ricoan NEIU lapel pin and as I placed the pin and I said, “Jose, you are not only an NEIU alum, you are also our goodwill ambassador. Please continue to support NEIU and our future graduates.” As a Northeastern Trustee, community member, and as a parent, I realize that it is our responsibility and obligation to provide a quality education to our students and future young generations. On my plane ride back to Chicago, my final thoughts were that all those present from NEIU and other universities were very energetic and excited about building a coalition with HACU members for the benefit of their universities. Everyone expressed the same mission – we all want our students to do well and prosper. Education is the key to our future success. The forum was well worth it, special thanks to Suleyma Perez, for all of her great work in planning our itinerary. I hope to attend future HACU meetings and advocate on behalf of NEIU.   By Jin Lee – NEIU Trustee    ...

Letters to the Community Part 2

April 17, 2012

By NEIU Roger That wit Mo Information, is a new Student Union Podcast Series, hosted by Roger Byrd and Mo Partowie. It is a live podcast that is regularly scheduled on Tuesdays from 11am to 1pm. The podcast features music and topics requested by the NEIU student body throughout the show. It is hosted in the Golden Eagles...

Letters to the Community

April 17, 2012

  Attn: NEIU Community! Congratulations to the Asian American Heritage Committee (AAHC) Award Recipients We are pleased to announce the following recipients of the 2012 Asian American Heritage Committee Awards of Excellence: Faculty Award of Excellence: Dr. Shahrzad Mahootian (Linguistics Department, NEIU) Student...

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