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Everybody poops: A new Target to boycott

Everybody poops: A new Target to boycott

April 29, 2017

When you have nowhere to do your business, whose fault is it? Retail corporation Target announced on Apr. ...

Letters of Leadership

Letters of Leadership

September 23, 2014

Dear Golden Eagles, I am very excited to welcome you to the 2014 fall semester. To all our returning st...

Gay Marriage: Not just a dream in Illinois

Juan Gonzalez, Senior Staff Writer

June 29, 2013

Filed under Opinions

In recent years, the fight for marriage equality has taken political and ideological center stage for the LGBTQA community. Members of the LGBTQA community have been fighting for equal rights under the law since the 1969 Stonewall riots in New York City. Those riots are credited as being the start of the gay rights movement,...

NEIU Engages in Dialogues on Lech Walesa’s comments

NEIU Engages in Dialogues on Lech Walesa’s comments

April 12, 2013

Lech Walesa's anti-gay comments still have many students wondering how to feel regarding the building he is named after, Lech Walesa Hall. “They have to know that they are a minority and must adjust t...

LWH: A Hall of Homophobia

LWH: A Hall of Homophobia

April 12, 2013

As many LGBTQ Students at Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) rally for Lech Walesa Hall (LWH) to be reverted back to the Classroom Building, NEIU Administrators have been relatively quiet concerni...

President’s Pen – NEIU’s GLBTQA

October 3, 2012

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  My name is Juan Manuel Gonzalez and I am the current president of the GLBTQA. With each change in leadership comes a new perspective and a new sense of direction. Under my leadership comes a shift to our roots,  a return to what makes us who we are. Our organization started on these following principals: Humanity, Acceptance, and Education. Within the principal of Humanity we have the understanding that all people have something which makes them unique, whether it be their sexuality or gender identity. Within the principal of Acceptance comes the understanding that we will not discriminate against anyone under any circumstances, we are all interconnected due to our pride for who we are on an individual level and who we are as an organization. And finally under the principal of Education. Within Education we thrive and strive to educate the NEIU Community as well as the surrounding community as to what we stand for, and matters in which we find pertinent to the LGBTQA Community. I am extremely excited for this school year and I am especially excited to be leading this wonderful organization with the assistance of the rest of my wonderful executive board. My name is Hector Escarpita and I am the vice president of the GLBTQA at Northeastern Illinois University this school year. We are a very open group and have amazing members who have become not only mine but Juan’s family. We meet every Thursday during Activity hour, in B-152 unless otherwise mentioned, so please join us! I promise you will not regret it. The club is fun and we have frequent weekly activities so do not hesitate to stop by. I am very excited to get so much done this semester with our new executive board. So far working with them has been wonderful! The GLBTQA will be hosting several upcoming events. The first is a National Coming Out Day event on October 10, 2012 from 11-2 PM. We will be showing a movie, and offering popcorn and other various snacks. In the Spring we will also be hosting our ever-popular annual drag show. At every meeting we have a fun activity, as well as once a month we have a birthday cake for all members in celebration of that month’s birthdays. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more information, and check our board located down the hall from the Information Center....

Fall into fun week

Lenyea Williams, Staff writer

September 20, 2012

Filed under Arts & Life

      Photos by Mark Amponin and Emily Haddad Fall into Fun week’s organization fair, hosted by the Northeastern Programming Board (NPB), took place inside and outside Northeastern Illinois University’s Student Union. The two-day event provided student clubs and organizations with an opportunity to showcase themselves, inform the student body about the goals of their organization, where they meet and how to get involved. During the event, many clubs hosted fun activities. The GLBTQA resource center hosted a picnic providing ice cream, hot dogs, burgers and drinks to all students. Members of the faculty and administration were also welcome to come out, have fun and learn about the center. The center provided a volleyball net in the field outside of the Student Union building. An announcement made by the center regarding an overabundance of ice cream invited students to come and get some. The NPB set up a table where students could win prizes by choosing a card from a deck. T-shirts, sunglasses, water bottles and flash drives were among the prizes. NPB also had a sumo wrestling arena set up for students. The Student LeadershipDevelopment Office (SLD) hosted a showing of the Avengers earlier in the week on an inflatable screen, complete with fresh popcorn and drinks. Chips and drinks were distributed at several buildings throughout the week, among other events in order to bring the Northeastern community together....

LGBTQA Resource Center: More Than Just A Center

Juan Manuel Gonzalez, Staff Writer

September 6, 2012

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  The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Transgender Questioning and Allied (LGBTQA) Resource Center is the first of it’s kind here at Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU), and Director Anthony Papini can’t wait to show NEIU what he has in store for this exciting new school year. After the opening of the Pedroso Center in June of last year, many under-represented groups on campus rallied for a space to call their own, and now a year later their visions are coming to fruition. Papini’s excitement and dedication is evident. His goals for the new year mainly center around “outreach and visibilty. “If at the end of the year, students find the LGBTQA Resource Center to be a safe, comfortable place to hang out and we build awareness on campus about issues related to sexual orientation, gender identity, and ally development then we did a good job!” When the question of what the center will be doing further into the future, Papini responded that he“would like to see the center grow and match the needs of the university, which might include hosting an LGBTQA Research Symposium, working with alumni of NEIU to develop a scholarship for queer-identified students, or seeing the center doing greater outreach into the community to help increase recruitment and retention of LGBTQA students.” Papini has planned a Big Gay and LBTQA Picnic on Thursday, Sept. 6, which is a part of Fall Into Fun week as well as an “amazing Guest Speaker for National Coming Out Day” on Oct. 11. Along with these major events, the center will be hosting regular coming out support groups, as well as transgender/queer discussion groups, held weekly. Papini looks forward to working with the Pedroso Center and other outlets in order to help promote awareness of the center and those involved. “We absolutely are going to collaborate with the other Resource Centers – after all, it is the five Resource Centers that make up the Pedroso Center. It's at the root of who we are as a division and department. We are all interested in exploring the intersection of identities and want to challenge NEIU students to think about their own identities as well as the identities of other members of the community.” To which he added “After all, everyone has a sexual orientation, a gender identity, and a racial or ethnic identity!” Papini encourages anyone interested in learning more about the center to visit their facebook page which can be found by searching for NEIU LGBTQA Resource Center, as well as their website at: