Fall into fun week

Lenyea Williams, Staff writer




Photos by Mark Amponin and Emily Haddad

Fall into Fun week’s organization fair, hosted by the Northeastern Programming Board (NPB), took place inside and outside Northeastern Illinois University’s Student Union. The two-day event provided student clubs and organizations with an opportunity to showcase themselves, inform the student body about the goals of their organization, where they meet and how to get involved. During the event, many clubs hosted fun activities. The GLBTQA resource center hosted a picnic providing ice cream, hot dogs, burgers and drinks to all students. Members of the faculty and administration were also welcome to come out, have fun and learn about the center. The center provided a volleyball net in the field outside of the Student Union building. An announcement made by the center regarding an overabundance of ice cream invited students to come and get some.
The NPB set up a table where students could win prizes by choosing a card from a deck. T-shirts, sunglasses, water bottles and flash drives were among the prizes. NPB also had a sumo wrestling arena set up for students. The Student LeadershipDevelopment Office (SLD) hosted a showing of the Avengers earlier in the week on an inflatable screen, complete with fresh popcorn and drinks. Chips and drinks were distributed at several buildings throughout the week, among other events in order to bring the Northeastern community together.