President’s Pen – NEIU’s GLBTQA

photo by Emily Haddad


My name is Juan Manuel Gonzalez and I am the current president of the GLBTQA. With each change in leadership comes a new perspective and a new sense of direction. Under my leadership comes a shift to our roots,  a return to what makes us who we are. Our organization started on these following principals: Humanity, Acceptance, and Education. Within the principal of Humanity we have the understanding that all people have something which makes them unique, whether it be their sexuality or gender identity. Within the principal of Acceptance comes the understanding that we will not discriminate against anyone under any circumstances, we are all interconnected due to our pride for who we are on an individual level and who we are as an organization. And finally under the principal of Education. Within Education we thrive and strive to educate the NEIU Community as well as the surrounding community as to what we stand for, and matters in which we find pertinent to the LGBTQA Community. I am extremely excited for this school year and I am especially excited to be leading this wonderful organization with the assistance of the rest of my wonderful executive board.

My name is Hector Escarpita and I am the vice president of the GLBTQA at Northeastern Illinois University this school year. We are a very open group and have amazing members who have become not only mine but Juan’s family. We meet every Thursday during Activity hour, in B-152 unless otherwise mentioned, so please join us! I promise you will not regret it. The club is fun and we have frequent weekly activities so do not hesitate to stop by. I am very excited to get so much done this semester with our new executive board. So far working with them has been wonderful!

The GLBTQA will be hosting several upcoming events. The first is a National Coming Out Day event on October 10, 2012 from 11-2 PM. We will be showing a movie, and offering popcorn and other various snacks. In the Spring we will also be hosting our ever-popular annual drag show. At every meeting we have a fun activity, as well as once a month we have a birthday cake for all members in celebration of that month’s birthdays. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more information, and check our board located down the hall from the Information Center.