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Frannie Mendoza, Editor-in-Chief

Frannie is the Marketing and Advertising Director and loves her role at the Independent because she gets to interact with the entire NEIU community while also being able to build a creative portfolio. She worked for California Pizza Kitchen as store trainer and brand ambassador before going back to school full-time. To say that she is friendly would be an understatement. Frannie enjoys conversing with everyone and can talk about anything due to her interdisciplinary studies background.

She is the reason you will often hear music blasting when you pass the newsroom. At times, you might even see the strobe lights on during one of her impromptu dance parties. Frannie knows how to work hard and play hard because she’s fun, but serious...seriously fun.

Then there is her passion project. A socially responsible startup called Plate Beacon which will change the way we see and deal with local hunger. The project is exclusively worked on by only NEIU students, almuni and faculty so that when it launches, everyone will know what we are capable of and care about.

After graduation, Frannie hopes to become a “burnetter” at Leo Burnett Group and continue working on Plate Beacon. Eventually, she will take the Foreign Service Officer Test (FSOT) to become a U.S. diplomat. Today, she represents for NEIU, but tomorrow she will represent for this great country!

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Frannie Mendoza