Black Wednesday

Frannie Mendoza, Editor-in-Chief

The earliest record of the term “Blackout Wednesday” surfaced on the internet back in 2014 and most millennials that have been of legal drinking age for the past decade or so, would probably know what that is. Of course, the term itself gives some idea of the kind of night that Wednesday would entail. But just because pop culture gave it a name five years ago, it doesn’t mean that such debauchery didn’t exist before. It definitely existed before millennials entered the nightlife scene. Previous generations celebrated it too, but they just didn’t bother to give it a name probably because there weren’t any online photos to caption or memes to post. Do you know another tradition that occurs on the same night? Friendsgiving Dinner. The earliest record of the term online dates back to 2007. Whether intended or not, we all participate in one or the other.

The night before Thanksgiving is considered the biggest night of going out because everyone is home for the holidays, many are allowed to take a half day from work and most significantly, many more will not have classes or work the following morning. They will just wake up and share a gluttonous feast with family and loved ones.

For this special November Wednesday night, people have their preference over how they choose to catch up with old and new friends. If you don’t mind the rowdy crowds, long lines and trying to figure out which Uber is yours in the sea of vehicles that swarm the city sidewalks when folks stumble out of their chosen indoor playgrounds, then you probably still have it in you to partake in Blackout Wednesday.

However, there is always the slightly older tradition of Friendsgiving Dinner where you and your friends can decide how memorable it will truly be. One thing is for sure, if you are looking to catch up with dear friends, having Friends-giving Dinner will only require you to talk over that one loud friend (there’s at least one in every group), instead of blaring music and a crowd of strangers who are probably looking for someone to Netflix and chill with during the coming cold months.

Reporter Goldie asked our Instagram followers what they were up to on the night of Nov. 27 and the results showed how responsible many of us must be. Either that or those who went out were already busy making memories from whatever is left of2019.