Letter To The Editor

Tylon Hudson, Student


My name is Tylon and I am a resident of the prison industrial complex at Stateville C[orrections] C[enter]. I am also [an] NEIU/UWW Student. I write, in short, and from lived experience, to share with my NEIU family the significance of mental health wellness.

Mental health is at the forefront and impetus of all that we engage [in], e.g., academic endeavors, relationships, etc. We must maintain the same or suffer the consequences for not. In 2022, approximately 1,100 students within universities across the United States committed suicide (see Google, last checked December 2022). Additionally, notable (former) television personalities have committed suicide, e.g., Stephen “t[W]itch” Boss (Former D.J. for the Ellen show).

Within our lives[,] we are subjected to adversities, including biases, whether racism, homophobia, colorism, ageism, etc. And continually being subjected to these biases can cause trauma which can be a catalyst for mental health challenges. 

In closing, if you are experiencing any mental health issues, I implore you to seek help from a mental health professional, dialing 988 on your phone for free mental health services, or from family or friends, etc. I wish all of you the best.




My name is Tylon and I am a resident of the prison industrial complex at Stateville C[orections].C[center]. I am a student of NEIU[,] my studies are in public health with a concentration in the healthcare disparities within marginalized and aging communities.


I have had the privilege to work with our marginalized, aging, and developmentally disable[d] communities at nursing facilities and the like. I have observed the inadequacies of health and patient care at these facilities compared to facilities that are within socioeconomically sound communities, e.g., Indian Head Park, IL. which is with a vast affluent population versus [the] Englewood, Roseland areas in Chicago, IL. There are 15,061 nursing facilities in the U.S. (U.S.Health Care System, 6th ed. 2023)[.] 


In closing, we all will age, as our parents before us, and many people will have to depend on the services of these facilities. I [demand] health and patient care equality. I believe as Canada is demonstrating, that a centralized health care delivery system will achieve this equality. To my NEIU family, you have a voice and a vote. I encourage you to stand for a centralized healthcare delivery system, free of capitalism, etc.