Letter To The Editor by David Cerda

September 10, 2021

To whomever cares enough to read this email. 

 The lack of communication from the provost office is extremely concerning. I have yet to hear from anyone in this office. I did receive “out of office” emails from MAJORITY of the staff, except Mr. D. Weber. After seeing a target announcement email by him, I came to terms that my emails are being ignored. This is an issue that occurred in 2014. I was diagnosed with leukemia and told to take an incomplete only to have it interfere with my financial aid. If the proper procedure was provided in 2014, I would not have taken the incomplete. If I knew this would have such a negative toll in my life and education like this, I regret opting for the incomplete and I certainly regret seeking treatment for my then diagnosis. This is the impression I’ve received from Northeastern. I am not sure if this is now a laughing matter for the office, but it has almost been a month from my last email with no response. I did not even receive an email confirming my email was received. I planned to attend in the fall as a graduate student, but could not register for classes until this issue was resolved. As a “returning customer” to this school, I feel that my business is not wanted. My original concern to register for classes, disregarded. 

 I am humbly asking for your office to please have someone look at this situation. Please have someone reach out to me for some sort of solution instead of telling me it has been forwarded to the provost office. Please make the procedure clear and well handled so no one else who is faced with a medical predicament has to undergo this neglect and torture. 

All email correspondence from 2014 has been forwarded to both offices. 

 On 8/24, I received an email from Gibson’s assistant. Zero help of course; their main concern was asking me if I had trouble signing up for classes and what exactly I needed help with. I did not bother to reply as all my emails to both offices were clear and attached to the final email I sent them. I submitted an appeal form for student billing back in July and haven’t heard back since. I paid the balance out of pocket on 8/27, after 6 years of getting nowhere. As to today, no one has bothered following up with me, but I did receive a thank you email from student admissions/payments office.


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