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Good times with T-Pain (PHOTOS)

Chuck Sipps, Arts and Life Editor

September 24, 2019

Serving as the crown jewel of NEIU’s Fall Fest was the Friday night performance of Grammy Award-winning artist T-Pain. The concert, held in Parking Lot J just outside the Nest, was preceded by a performance by DJ Perry Donta’e and The Pack Drumline. They hyped up the crowd for the headlining performance. T-Pain came ou...

Alma Hernandez's first place pumpkin.

El Centro’s ‘Pumpkin Carving Contest’ Announced

November 6, 2018

Placed in a staggered line on a table in El Centro’s lobby, 16 differently decorated pumpkins sa...

Fall Fest 2017

September 15, 2017

NEIU                     Live performances Outdoor games Vendors Beer garden Food Entrance to the Fall Fest is free; food and beer will be available for purchase. ...

Fall into fun week

Lenyea Williams, Staff writer

September 20, 2012

      Photos by Mark Amponin and Emily Haddad Fall into Fun week’s organization fair, hosted by the Northeastern Programming Board (NPB), took place inside and outside Northeastern Illinois University’s Student Union. The two-day event provided student clubs and organizations with an opportunity to showcase themselves, inform the student body about the goals of their organization, where they meet and how to get involved. During the event, many clubs hosted fun activities. The GLBTQA resource center hosted a picnic providing ice cream, hot dogs, burgers and drinks to all students. Members of the faculty and administration were also welcome to come out, have fun and learn about the center. The center provided a volleyball net in the field outside of the Student Union building. An announcement made by the center regarding an overabundance of ice cream invited students to come and get some. The NPB set up a table where students could win prizes by choosing a card from a deck. T-shirts, sunglasses, water bottles and flash drives were among the prizes. NPB also had a sumo wrestling arena set up for students. The Student LeadershipDevelopment Office (SLD) hosted a showing of the Avengers earlier in the week on an inflatable screen, complete with fresh popcorn and drinks. Chips and drinks were distributed at several buildings throughout the week, among other events in order to bring the Northeastern community together....

NEIU Student Spotlight: Laura Nieves

Gary Soriano, Arts & Life Editor

September 6, 2012

  Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) student and Northeastern Programming Board’s (NPB) Arts and Entertainment Chair, Laura Nieves keeps her plate full. As a senior majoring in Studio Art, her knowledge and passion for the arts is extensive and her long list of achievements precedes her. Some students at university may find it hard to find their own niche, Nieves is no different. “I’ve been to four different colleges and Northeastern is the one that has allowed me to blossom as a student,” Nieves said. She dances, sculpts, performs poetry, has conducted workshops teaching poetry, and hosted a number of events at NEIU since 2010. As NPB’s Arts and Entertainment Chair, Nieves and the rest of the team are promoting several events for this month. One in particular is in collaboration with the Student Government Association’s (SGA) Constitution Day, taking place on Sept. 25 in Alumni Hall. As part of SGA’s Constitution event, NPB will host! Live [email protected]! from 7-10 p.m. featuring three performances: Award-winning and globally recognized Mexican Folklore Dance Co. will perform traditional Mexican dances in corresponding attire, all-female musical ensemble Las Bompleneras and the Vida Bella Ensemble performs award-winning off-Broadway play The Brown Girls. Nieves is also part of the Northeastern Hip Hop Organization (NH2O) where she has hosted events, most recently the 1st Annual Nest Fest that took place in May and conducted workshops (U.N.I.T.Y. Culture Event, Nov. 2011). NH2O, in collaboration with the Southwest Youth Collaborative, more popularly known as the University of Hip Hop, will host a break dancing battle on Sept. 29 at NEIU that also features live performances, live art and a special guest DJ. Even with all of her involvement on campus, and homework, Nieves still finds time to nourish her passions. She finds time to paint, write poetry and is a monthly contributor at Subterannean where she break dances with her team at an event titled “I used to love h.e.r.” The event, the title of which takes its name from a song by Chicago hip hop artist Common, features live acts by female hip hop artists from throughout the city. Nieves is well-connected to her roots as she dances Puerto Rican folk dances, Bomba and Plena. She describes these dances as being cultural and having an influence from the African, Spanish and indigenous presence in Puerto Rico. Her roots expand past her Latina identity into the realm of hip hop, using it to inspire her poetry and break dances. “It’s always been part of who I am,” Nieves said. She hopes to graduate in 2014 and will continue expressing herself and her passions in the arts....

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