Eclectic Doesn’t Even Begin to Describe This Place

    Arts & Life

    Just a hope, skip and a jump away from NEIU, the Bryn Mawr Breakfast Club never disappoints.

    The smell of chorizo and cinnamon doesn’t seem like it would be a good combination, but when this magical mixture hits your nose, it’s an excellent precursor to what the Bryn Mawr Breakfast Club has to offer.

    Owner Manny Mejia, former chef of restaurants M. Henry and Jin Ju, recently opened the Breakfast Club on the corner of Bryn Mawr and Kimball to bring “new life to traditional brunch fare (with a) unique take on America’s favorite meals.” Mejia’s distinctive menu is a combination of sweet, savory and everything in between. From the sourdough French toast; chorizo skillets and cinnamon hotcakes with an apricot glaze, frosting and powdered sugar; (no one will judge if you drool) it’s hard to choose between dishes.

    After ten minutes of agonizing over the menu, my server, Jim, recommended the bread pudding French toast: With powdered sugar, orange coulis & fresh berries. It was as delicious as it sounds.

    Made of bread and berries, it was a beautiful work of art, and I was tempted not to cut into it.   The taste was a pungent mixture with tang from the orange, which was a nice surprise.

    Warning! It is very sweet: So sweet, I didn’t need syrup. The kind of sweet where you can feel the cavities forming in your teeth, but it’s so good you can’t stop eating. If you don’t have a sweet tooth it may be best to stick with the equally good chorizo skillet.

    And if you’re not in the adventurous mood to try the shiraz poached pear salad or the acorn squash and tofu, the friendly staff is ready with recommendations for a skirt steak skillet or a turkey club.

    All this diverse food fits perfectly with the restaurant’s relaxed décor, a mix of a rustic Texas eatery and an outdoor Parisian café. Patrons choose where to sit at any of the mismatched tables. There are wrought iron stools paired with folding picnic chairs. Beautiful flowers are in painted jars instead of vases, topped off with unpolished wood fixtures. Be prepared to hear some modern Spanish and French jazz with your smooth coffee.

    This quaint little nook is perfect for brunch on a lazy day. Most of the menu is under $10 and even when all the tables are full, it doesn’t feel crowded. The mismatched charm makes it ideal for a first date or just as a place to collect your thoughts and write. Maybe a poem entitled chorizo and cinnamon.