The State of The Nest

Scott Andrews, Writer

Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) students that call The Nest their home must adhere to new rules and regulations put in place by the university administration because of an unsanctioned New Year’s Eve party where a guest allegedly pulled out a gun.


A security guard is now on staff at the front desk at all times and regularly patrols the student residence facility. Students who have an overnight guest are required to fill out an Overnight Guest Request form in the resident portal by 4:30 p.m. on Thursdays. Guests are only allowed for no more than two consecutive nights on the weekend, and only with the permission of the resident’s roommates. Each resident can only request up to six total nights per semester for their guest visits. All overnight guests must be over the age of 18. All guests must present a government-issued photo ID, and sign in with their resident host at the front desk. This policy has yet to be followed by some residents. Not all residents check their guests in, and staff has been observed to be lenient with this policy.


The university has proposed installing a metal detector to prevent weapons from being brought into The Nest. As of this publication, a metal detector has not been installed, nor have any additional details been released about the metal detector installation. Residents are reminded to only enter or exit through the front lobby. All other doors are for emergency use only, and students could be fined or face disciplinary action for misusing an emergency exit.


Besides security issues at The Nest, several residents have complained about the lack of maintenance in their apartments. Issues with maintenance have been an ongoing issue.  According to some residents, it takes a long time for repairs once a work order is submitted. These residents wish repairs could be made in a more timely manner, and that the Nest administrators would be more attentive to their needs. A resident explained they are having trouble with their dishwasher. It only closes and functions with a chair pushed against the front of the appliance and has been broken since the January move-in day.


In late January of 2023, the left elevator was out of service for approximately three days and has since been repaired. Nest administrators posted a sign to remind students to place their garbage in the appropriately designated area, or the entire floor would be fined. Students are reminded to wash their hands frequently as David Worell, Nurse Practitioner, from NEIU’s Student Health Services told the Independent that Norovirus is spreading in The Nest and the university at the time of this writing. Stay tuned for further updates about the State of The Nest.