University Administration Confirms Loaded Weapon Brought Into The Nest at NYE Party

Scott Andrews, Writer

Chicago Police Department (CPD) and NEIU Police on New Year’s Day recovered a gun while they were responding to an altercation at The Nest, where a group of residents held an unsanctioned New Year’s Eve party.

Dr. Terry Mena, Dean of Students and Vice President of Student Affairs at NEIU, issued an official statement to students who live at The Nest on January 9, 2023, regarding the security incident. Dr. Mena said, “A loaded weapon was recovered and placed into evidence by NEIU Police. The safety of the NEST residents was compromised.”

This statement provided much more additional information than the one issued to all NEIU faculty, staff, and students on January 3, 2023.


Residents that preferred to remain anonymous said that the party took place on the third floor’s hallway. The party violated the rules all occupants must adhere to per The Nest leasing contract that firearms or weapons of any kind are not permitted. Residents also reported witnessing a person carrying a gun, which was allegedly pulled out as an altercation occurred, warranting police intervention.


Additionally, the residents involved were issued interim suspensions and faced disciplinary action as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct agreement. Chicago Police Department (CPD) and NEIU Police investigation is being conducted to determine if any criminal charges are warranted.


University administrators, in partnership with NEIU police and the Nest administrators, have initiated the following new security measures effective immediately:

  • Armed security guards are on patrol and stationed at the front desk at all times.
  • Special dedicated full-time security staff will be hired to enforce the new security protocols and to perform security access controls and front desk operations 24/7.
  • Stricter controls will be implemented to monitor and limit guests residents can bring into the Nest.
  • A study is being conducted to determine if metal detectors will be installed.

New policies and procedures for The Nest residents

All visitors and residents to The Nest must go through the primary front entrance. All other entrances are restricted and locked and should only be used in an emergency. Residents must swipe their electronic key cards with student ID and picture when entering the building from the outside. That is to ensure only authorized residents have access to the residence. Residents are reminded to never open any external doors except if used as an emergency exit. If they see a door open, residents are asked to please close it immediately and report any unauthorized access to security staff immediately.


Residents misusing an emergency exit will face the appropriate disciplinary action, as all emergency exits have security alarms and sensors.

New Visitation and Guest Policy

Download the full statement and New Visitation and Guest Policy issued by the University.  

The University Administration and American Campus Communities (AAC) Management can modify or change these security protocols at any time to keep residents, staff, and guests safe to limit the risk to the entire NEIU community.


Residents, staff, or anyone else are asked to report violations of these policies to the Vice President and Dean of the Students’ Office by completing the non-academic misconduct reporting form.