errant particles

By George Borawski – Visual Media Editor

Photos by George Borawski

Joan Truckenbrod’s “errant particles” gracefully dances the line between a singular serenity and a frenetic perplexing daze. Located just outside of the Recital Hall, her exhibit combines a quasi avant-garde minimalism with rolling footage of cityscapes, cats and what seems like a boat’s-eye view of a gently undulating lake. A soundtrack adds to the effect, enhancing the atmosphere of an already peaceful and contemplative scene. She does all this in a seemingly unpretentious way that is absorbing and surprisingly pleasurable.
Titles of pieces include “Still Life with Cats” “Ephemeral Visions” and “Foreclosure.” The exhibition reads much more like a series of vivid memories than individual pieces
of art. While Truckenbrod’s display appears unorthodox and the work rightfully pushes its viewers out of their comfort zone by projecting images on unconventional surfaces, any aversion to the strangeness of this exhibit should be immediately overlooked. Most work of this style can be overcome by considering it as a whole experience rather than piecemeal parts.