Letters of Leadership

Trio as an org on campus


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My name is Jackie; I am currently a junior with a major in communications, media and theatre and a minor in music. I have been a member of Trio NEIU for about a year and a half now and I’m very proud to say I am. Originally I had heard about Trio as an incoming freshman from a friend who was apart of Trio’s Upward Bound program at Robert Morris University. At the time NEIU did not have Trio on its campus, however my friend still encouraged me to join if they did. Trio became an organization on campus about 2 years ago and aside from their bright yellow advertisement that was posted almost every where on campus; I became interested in the services Trio offered. They offer a more personal one on one academic advising, tutor services; help with applying for scholarships and FAFSA, building leadership skills, job shadowing/ internships, help with building your resume, priority registration and a nation wide network of contacts. There are 3 divisions of Trio (Access, Achieve and Teacher Prep), and I am Trio Achieve member which helps students with just about any major. I have made an academic plan with my advisor, which helps me with selecting and registering for classes each semester. I have also started building/ editing my resume and I am currently applying for internships and looking into graduate schools. Trio has definitely given me the professional attention I needed as a student to help me succeed. I really love the personalized academic advisement and the fact the Trio is a nation wide organization, which will benefit my networking. However, I think what I love even more is that every one in Trio NEIU gives you this feeling that they can relate to you, care about your future, can help and want you to be successful. The feeling of being a Trio member is certainly gratifying in all sincerity and I can’t imagine being any more proud and excited for my future. I highly recommend any student with the slightest curiosity to visit Trio on the 4th floor of the library (412 LIB) or to setup an appointment with a Trio staff member at (773) 442-4971.

Jacklyn Nowotnik