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April 12, 2013

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  My name is Julio Garcia and I was a minority whip in the House of Representatives. The whips are responsible for getting the speaker's list in order. Whips also inform the representatives of party line votes on key bills. Next year will be my third year in the club and I intend to run for minority leader in the H...

President’s Pen – Hillel

December 13, 2012

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Meet the Officers & Advisor of Hillel Ilana Ostro (President) is a senior studying Marketing and finishing up her Bachelor's degree here at NEIU. She enjoys dancing, playing basketball, making people laugh, snowboarding, and singing to herself in the car when no one is listening. She has a great passion for Judaism and th...

President’s Pen For URO

April 17, 2012

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  Celia Fenollar Rubio by Lluvia CarrisozaUndocumented Resilient and Organized (URO) is a new club at NEIU. Visions for this club began in the Fall 2011 semester, where a group of students concerned about the immigrant struggle met to talk about their concerns and dreams. The group of students went ahead and started a club under the leadership of Jose Herrera. URO is an organization of undocumented and fellow students who can relate, commit and contribute to the five points that unite us: Building a community of support among undocumented students at NEIU. Creating awareness about issues affecting undocumented students and students of mixed-status families. This includes educating administration, faculty, staff and students but also ourselves. Mentoring undocumented high school students as they transition to higher education. Building bridges among other student organizations on and off campus. Expanding financial resources available to undocumented students through: fundraisers, new scholarships, and other incentives. URO is not just for undocumented students, but for anyone that can relate to the undocumented struggle. URO decided against having officer names such as president, vice president etc. instead URO has Organizers, Coordinators, Financial Officers and Facilitators. José G. Herrera is an undocumented and returning student majoring in sociology. He is a co-founder and organizer of the newly formed club organization “Undocumented Resilient & Organized (URO).” José is a single father who is challenging the system that questions his legality in the U.S and uses his life experiences as a tool for education, mobilization and to empower others; he hopes to do the same with the education of academia. His priority is to build a structure that would allow him to continue to work as a person who is committed, who wants to stand up and challenge oppressive structures. “I have come to an understanding that education is empowering – in order to understand what is going on and why, in order to be heard, we need to educate ourselves, and this allows us to challenge injustices and fight to make change,” said José G. Herrera. Outside of campus, José continues his work of activism as an organizer with the immigrant rights movement and other social justice organizations. Currently he is doing a research project on “bridging the mass detention, incarceration and deportation of immigrants with the prison industrial complex.” Joselyn Galvez is a co-founder and coordinator of the Undocumented Resilient and Organized (URO) Club. She is a senior majoring in mathematics and secondary education. Joselyn came to the United States in 2001 from her native country, Honduras. Joselyn experienced first-hand the struggles that non-English speakers face in school. Her goal as a high school educator is to teach mathematics to students who are learning English as a second language. She wants to develop an environment that would help foreign students adapt to their new country, feel welcomed at school and facilitate their transition in and out of the bilingual program. Joselyn Galvez believes that by providing fundamental assistance to bilingual students, they will be able to overcome the language barrier so that they can not only survive but also succeed in school. Lluvia Carrisoza has been undocumented for twelve years. She lived in fear for most of that time. She grew tired of her fear and now she is a co-founder and organizer for the newly formed group Undocumented Resilient & Organized (URO). She is a senior pursuing a Spanish and Art double Major. Lluvia is not much of an activist, but charged with the need to help her community she joined this group in hopes of providing a better college experience for her fellow undocumented students. Although her heart is set in attending La Universidad Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) for her MFA she wants to leave this country knowing she has helped lessen the immigrant struggle By Janean Watkins...

President’s Pen: Model Illinois Government

January 24, 2012

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Updated: Wednesday, January 25, 2012 00:01 Paul Harris: I'm in my second year as the NEIU MIG advisor. It has been an honor and privilege to take on the advisory role after several years as a participant. I have especially enjoyed mentoring the student delegates and coaching them throughout the year of preparation and at the simulation. I have benefited personally not only from participating but also enjoyed the learning process and watching students develop a depth of understanding of the state's political structures as well as helping them emerge as leaders and thinkers. The NEIU MIG delegation has a long legacy of producing student and community leaders and I look forward to continued participation in being part of this legacy. Please consider attending a meeting and realizing your own potential as a citizen of Illinois and the U.S. MOOT COURT Northeastern Illinois University maintains an active moot court team that has been coached by Dr. Neddenriep for the last four years. The squad, usually composed of six students (3 teams), argues an appellate-level case before a hypothetical court typically staffed by lawyers from Sangamon County, Illinois. Northeastern's team has been very successful in recent years, boasting a fourth place finish for "best counsel" in 2010 and a first place finish for "best council" in 2011. Likewise, in recent years, a Northeastern student was elected to the Chief Justice position, thereby assuming administrative control over the moot court component of the MIG simulation. According to Dr. Neddenriep, participation in moot court provides students with a powerful learning experience that helps them understand the intricacies of Constitutional Law, while honing valuable public speaking and analytical skills. Likewise, according to Dr. Neddenriep, the experience is a good primer for students who are entertaining the possibility of entering law school upon graduation from Northeastern. Model Illinois Government Michelle S Gruebmeyer B.A. MIG President since 2010 Model Illinois Government (MIG), not just for political science students! MIG offers an annual simulation where the students take over the Capitol Complex in Springfield, Ill. Students can choose from a multitude of "roles" they can play during the simulation. They can be a member of the House of Representatives, a senator, a lobbyist, a journalist, or a moot court attorney. For students who are interested in government this opportunity provides the most valuable experience they will have in their collegiate life. The experience provides to ANY STUDENT the ability to think on one's feet, public speaking and every member of the NIEU delegation has returned with a new sense of confidence in themselves. Students who choose to be legislators during the annual simulation will debate MIG bills on the House and Senate floors in the Capitol Complex. The only people allowed on the House and Senate floors are the actual House Representatives and Senators elected into the Illinois State Government and Model Illinois Government participants! It is such an awe-inspiring experience to walk onto the House or Senate floor for the very first time. NEW MEMBERS are still welcome! Anyone who wishes to become a member of MIG must contact the MIG President Michelle S Gruebmeyer at [email protected] or go to and request to join MIG. IF you wish to be in attendance at our annual MIG simulation please contact Michelle through her email directly as the simulation deadlines are fast approaching!  ...

Letters of Leadership

January 24, 2012

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  My name is Jackie; I am currently a junior with a major in communications, media and theatre and a minor in music. I have been a member of Trio NEIU for about a year and a half now and I'm very proud to say I am. Originally I had heard about Trio as an incoming freshman from a friend who was apart of Trio's Upward Bound program at Robert Morris University. At the time NEIU did not have Trio on its campus, however my friend still encouraged me to join if they did. Trio became an organization on campus about 2 years ago and aside from their bright yellow advertisement that was posted almost every where on campus; I became interested in the services Trio offered. They offer a more personal one on one academic advising, tutor services; help with applying for scholarships and FAFSA, building leadership skills, job shadowing/ internships, help with building your resume, priority registration and a nation wide network of contacts. There are 3 divisions of Trio (Access, Achieve and Teacher Prep), and I am Trio Achieve member which helps students with just about any major. I have made an academic plan with my advisor, which helps me with selecting and registering for classes each semester. I have also started building/ editing my resume and I am currently applying for internships and looking into graduate schools. Trio has definitely given me the professional attention I needed as a student to help me succeed. I really love the personalized academic advisement and the fact the Trio is a nation wide organization, which will benefit my networking. However, I think what I love even more is that every one in Trio NEIU gives you this feeling that they can relate to you, care about your future, can help and want you to be successful. The feeling of being a Trio member is certainly gratifying in all sincerity and I can't imagine being any more proud and excited for my future. I highly recommend any student with the slightest curiosity to visit Trio on the 4th floor of the library (412 LIB) or to setup an appointment with a Trio staff member at (773) 442-4971. Jacklyn Nowotnik...

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