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The Alley, a store specializing in alternative wears, is set to close on Jan. 19 in light of a massive construction project and higher taxes./Photo by: Mary Kroeck

Changing Chicago:

January 19, 2016

Chicago as a city has come to terms with change many times over. However, it’s not something that tends...

A woman nursing a child at an training on breastfeeding in Eastern Ukraine in 2015./Photo by: Andrey Krepkih, UNICEF via Wikimedia Commons

Stop Crying Over Breast Milk

January 19, 2016

If breasts are out during sex, it's fine; god forbid one should decide to feed a baby with them. Th...

The gates of The Jim Henson Company in California, where Kermit the Frog tips his hat to welcome lovers and dreamers. It's a site I might not have seen without modifying a New Year's resolution./Photo by: Mary Kroeck

New Year’s Resolutions: Make ’Em, Break ’Em, Change ‘Em

January 19, 2016

According to Statistic Brain, nearly half of all Americans make New Year’s Resolutions. The top resolution...

Dr. Larycia Hawkins posing in her hijab./Photo courtesy of Larycia Hawkins via Facebook

What Larycia Hawkins Should Receive

January 19, 2016

I was raised in the Salvation Army church. (Yes, it's a church and not just a charity.) My parents, gr...

Man on the Street

William Castro, Writer

December 1, 2015

Independent reporter William Castro asked: How was your Fall 2015 semester? ...

Guns and Erections

December 1, 2015

Please, Spike Lee, do not lay your guns or your erection at my feet. I do not want either. I cannot...

The blue and pink figures depict what society has deemed as man and woman. The purple figure: a woman and man which represent an intersex individual.

Sex “X”

December 1, 2015

In November, Germany became the first country in Europe to be able to allow parents to leave the sex...

Children lead the rally on Nov. 27.

16 Shots: Laquan McDonald’s Murder Exposes Corruption in Chicago

December 1, 2015

The police dash-cam video showing officer Jason Van Dyke fatally shooting Laquan McDonald took 400 days...

U.S. Bombings Since 1950.

Tell Me Who the Terrorists Are

December 1, 2015

This is not another article that attempts to condense the history of ISIS into 1,000 words or less. This...

New Year's Resoloution

New Year’s Resoloutions

December 1, 2015

Protesters took to the streets of New York City in response to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Chicago: A City in Silence

November 17, 2015

When Michael Brown was killed last August, Ferguson went up in flames. Literally. This city in Missouri...

A drug free and gun free sign posted near a school zone.

School Resources Officers: Teachers with Guns

November 17, 2015

Police belong on the streets catching criminals and not in schools enforcing dress codes. I would even...

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