Sissy’s Sandwich Review

 Photo of the outside of Sissys Sandwich on Foster Avenue
Photo of the outside of Sissy’s Sandwich on Foster Avenue
Ardash Vallath

To catch someone’s attention, one of the tactics that can be employed is having an ostentatious name to attract the attention of a would-be customer. Sissy’s Sandwich has done just that. 

It is located just opposite North Park University’s main entrance, and thus attracts a lot of student and staff patrons from the campus. However, it is unfortunately located beside a more drawing restaurant called “Asian Brothers,” and located within the vicinity of a Starbucks and McDonalds. Nonetheless, it has weathered the intense competition within the area.

Fries and sandwich on white plate sitting on a blackwood booth. Red, yellow, and green sauce bottles with a pitcher of iced water sit in the background of the plate. (Ardash Vallath)


Its interior is minimalist, taking influence from retro and modernist styles. The reason for this choice was to create a lot of space for foot traffic, which is necessary to accommodate a steady flow of DoorDash delivery folks that transport orders from the restaurant.

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In terms of atmosphere, its Latin American roots are not only evident in its menu, but also in the ambient music played within the restaurant. The small size adds to the cozy, family restaurant charm.

In terms of service, the staff regularly topped up my drink and freshly filled the sauce bottles for use. They also did not press me for an order, nor did they hassle me for payment. They provide friendly customer service with a calm demeanor, which is sadly becoming less common. Also they were kind enough to remove any onions in my meal. 

Now for the main course, the food. I chose the fried fish sandwich. It costs $11.95, which is comparable for a boutique style restaurant, but maybe somewhat pricey for those that frequent fast food joints and have come to expect lower prices. The sandwich is made in the sandwich station which is viewable by customers, similar to Subway. The toasted bread compliments the taste of the sandwich and shows a rich contrast between the grilled tomatoes and fried fish that were coated with Chipotle and Sriracha sauce. Overall it was very filling, and does not leave you wanting for more.

The next item I tried was a bacon and egg wrap. I ordered this, anticipating that I would still be hungry, but to my pleasant surprise I was wrong. However, it doesn’t take away from the wrap as it was priced at $6.95, which is ideal for customers on a tight budget. The potato chips were a little too sweet for my taste and the wrap could have used a healthy addition of guacamole or Chipotle sauce to add flavor to the overwhelming egg taste. 

Overall, I would rate it a solid 3.8 out of 5 stars, as it is a solid place to hang around and chill, which is ideal for university students that just want to decompress after a long day of classes.

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