Police Blotter

Sarahy Lopez, News Editor

The following incidents occurred between the dates of Jan. 23 to Feb. 5 on NEIU’s main campus.
Jan. 23 – Fine Arts Building: An unknown offender wrote graffiti on interior wall of handicap stall. Facilities Management was notified for a cleanup.

Jan. 24 – 4000 W. Bryn Mawr Ave: Three state citations and I-Bond issued to a driver for disobeying a stop sign, eluding police and for having an invalid driver’s license.

Jan. 24 – Parking Garage: An unknown offender struck and damaged a victim’s car while it was parked in the garage.

Jan. 27 – The Nest: A GrubHub driver reported that a resident did not pay for a food delivery. Police are still waiting to speak to the resident to sort the matter out.

Jan. 28 – The Nest: An unauthorized guest was removed after he was found using Snapchat to contact females to let him into the building.

Jan. 28 – The Nest: Officers spotted two subjects sneaking into the building. They were located and removed from the premises.

Jan. 29 – Student Union: A student was concerned after seeing her ex on campus for whom she has an expired court order of protection. She was advised to renew the order.

Jan. 29 – P.E. Building: There was a verbal dispute between two patrons over a parking situation after one was seen taking pictures of cars and other patrons. Peace was restored by police.

Jan. 30 – The Nest: Police responded to a report of students allegedly smoking marijuana in a room. No physical evidence was found.

Feb. 1 – D-Building: An unknown offender stole three university-owned office chairs from an unattended area.

Feb. 2 – The Nest: Officers responded to call of a fight in an apartment. The victim was found with visible injuries and the other person was arrested for domestic battery.

Feb. 2 – The Nest: A resident was verbally and physically assaulted by another. The assault stems from the earlier domestic battery arrest.

Feb. 4 – P.E. Building: A fight occurred within the P.E. complex.

The following incidents occurred on Jan. 24 and Jan. 25 off-campus.

Jan. 24 – Jersey and Ardmore Avenue: Some unknown subjects were seen arguing in the street and throwing bricks at each other. One of the subjects struck a victim’s car with a baseball bat, but did not cause any damage.

Jan. 25 – Off-Campus: A student reported a threatening email received through their personal email account. This is currently an ongoing investigation.