Police blotter

Sarahy Lopez , News Editor

The following incidents occurred between the dates of Nov. 25 to Jan. 21 on NEIU’s main campus.

     Nov. 25 – The Nest: An Uber driver reported he was threatened by five residents after he explained per uber policy he could only drive four passengers.

     Nov. 26 – P.E. Building: A soccer player reported an opponent who intentionally elbowed him in the face, causing injuries to the nose. Witnesses describe it as accidental.

     Nov. 27 – 5800 N. Central Park: A faculty member was knocked to  the ground by a male and  female suspects, and  had her personal belongings stolen. Chicago Police is currently investigating.

     Nov. 27 – The Nest: A victim received an intimidating text from a roommate. Police spoke to the roommate, and the roomate understood the consequences and had no intention to harm.

     Nov. 28 – Athletic Field: An unknown offender wrote non-gang related graffiti on the athletic field dugout wall. Facilities Management was notified for cleanup.  

     Nov. 28 – Parking Lot J: An officer questioned a subject wearing a face mask while exiting building. The person claimed it’s a fashion statement and was uncooperative.

     Nov. 28 – The Nest: An offender threatened a victim with bodily harm during an argument over a borrowed item.

     Nov. 28 – P.E. Building: Officers responded to a disturbance call where two players argued over aggressive foul play. No one was injured and no complaints were filed.

     Nov. 28 – Lech Walesa Hall: An unknown offender stole victim’s iPhone after it was left unattended at computer terminal.

     Nov. 30 – The Nest: A verbal argument occurred between roommates over trash. Peace restored by police.

     Dec. 2 – The Nest: The police responded to a loud disturbance call. Roommates were verbally arguing over loud music. Parties were ordered to have no contact.

     Dec. 4 – Library: A fire started inside the generator room. The fire department responded and extinguished the fire. The library was empty at the time.

     Dec. 6 – Parking Garage: Victim reports vehicle damaged by unknown person, but it is unknown if damage occurred on or off campus.

     Dec. 7 – Student Union: An unknown offender stole victim’s coat after it was left unattended for hours.

     Dec. 7 – NEIU: An unknown source sent sexually explicit emails about a classmate to several students in one class.

     Dec. 12 – Brommel Hall: Police responded to a subject throwing things around causing a disturbance. The subject was transported to a hospital for evaluation.

     Dec. 12 – The Nest: A warning was issued to roommates regarding ongoing conflict over cleanliness of room.

     Dec. 14 – Parking Lot J: A vehicle was stolen in St. Charles and was found on campus. Student has keys and purchase papers of a deceased person. Vehicle was turned over to St. Charles PD.

     Dec. 15 – Lech Walesa Hall: A staff member reported a subject previously banned from NEIU inside the building. Officers made contact and subject left campus immediately.

     Dec. 21 – Bryn-Mawr Properties: An abandoned vehicle on state property lot was revealed to belong to a restaurant owner.

     Dec. 21 – Library: An unknown offender wrote graffiti on the library wall. Facilities management was notified for a cleanup.

     Dec. 26 – Parking Garage: An officer checking on an illegally parked car found two minors inside the vehicle with suspect cannabis. Both were released to their parents.

     Dec. 30 – The Nest: Officers responded to a call of multiple people trespassing at the Nest. They were asked to leave and they complied    

     Jan. 08 – The Nest: NEIU PD & Chicago PD responded to a fight in progress at the Nest. It turned out to be a verbal altercation between guests.  

     Jan. 10 – C-Building: An unknown offender attempted to fraudulently cash two NEIU checks.

     Jan. 11 – El Centro: Police were alerted of an individual who had set up camp on NEIU property. The individual was told to leave and issued information on local shelters.

     Jan. 12 – D-Building: Officers calmed down an irate student causing a disturbance, who was feeling overwhelmed about an audition. Resources were offered.

     Jan. 14 – The Nest: An officer conducted a well-being check on a female. Her roommate said they will keep an eye on her.

     Jan. 16 – D-Building: An irate parent attempting to settle a dispute over her son’s missing form. They attempted to strike an employee with a fist. No complaints filed.

     Jan. 19 – Fine Arts Building: An employee turned in a bag full of coins that the vending machine spit out.

     Jan. 20 – Ugly Hookah Building: A citizen reported a burst water pipe causing flooding in the empty building. City of Chicago was notified to shut the water off.

     Jan. 21 – Breakfast Club Building: An unknown offender wrote graffiti on an exterior building wall. Facilities management was notified for a clean up.

     Jan. 21 – The Nest: A resident reported a verbal altercation with roommates and had issues with visitor privileges being taken away.