Police Blotter 11/28/2017 Issue

Sarahy Lopez, News Editor

The following incidents occurred between the dates of November 12 to November 22 on NEIU’s main campus.

Nov. 12 – The Nest: Campus police responded to a call of a guest violating the overnight policy. Eight people were escorted out and the case will be handled administratively.

Nov. 12 – Library: Officers responded to a possible racist threat posted on the suggestion board. A picture was taken of it and documented.

Nov. 14 – P.E. Building: An unknown offender wrote gang-related graffiti on the toilet paper dispenser. Facilities management was notified for clean-up.

Nov. 16 – The Nest: Officers responded to call for unwanted guests inside a resident’s room. Three people were escorted out and told not to return, and they complied.

Nov. 17 – The Nest: A resident became verbally abusive toward staff and security guards when told her overnight guest was not pre-approved.

Nov. 18 – P.E. Building: A physical altercation occurred between 2 soccer teams, approximately about 20 people. No one pressed any charges.

Nov. 21 – The Nest: An unknown offender stole a Gucci belt from a victim.

Nov. 22 – 3800 W Bryn-Mawr Ave: Vehicles traveling on Bryn-Mawr lost control and struck some parked cars. One driver was transported to the hospital.