Police Blotter 11/14/2017 Issue

The following incidents occurred between the dates of October 16th to November 9th at NEIU’s main campus.

Oct. 16 – The Nest: A student pushed someone into an elevator and slammed the door in their face. The student was asked to speak to a counselor.

Oct. 16 – Library: A victim was uncomfortable with the unwanted romantic advances from an acquaintance. Incident was reported to the Title IX coordinator.

Oct. 16 – Parking Garage: A verbal altercation occurred between two drivers over a traffic issue.

Oct. 17 – Parking Garage: An unknown offender struck and damaged another car while it was parked in the garage.

Oct. 18 – Lech Walesa Hall: A verbal altercation occurred between two employees over work-related issues.

Oct. 18 – Bernard Office Building: An unknown offender wrote graffiti on the basement door and on the stair handrail. Facilities management was notified for a clean-up.

Oct. 19 – The Nest: A resident reported verbal threats from a non-student over a mutual boyfriend.

Oct. 20 – The Nest: Police responded to a resident violating the overnight guest policy. The guest was escorted out and banned for one year.

Oct. 20 – Parking Lot F: An unknown offender struck and damaged a victim’s vehicle while it was parked in the lot.

Oct. 26 – Parking Office: Police responded to a distraught person talking about struggles in academic and personal life. Counseling was provided to them.

Oct. 27 – Lech Walesa Hall: Faculty reported receiving disturbing phone calls from an unknown caller from an out-of-state line.

Oct. 27 – The Nest: A resident became agitated and verbally abusive after being escorted out for violating the after-hours sign-in procedure.

Oct. 28 – The Nest: Officers responded to a call of possible underage drinking. The offenders were not found.

Oct. 28 – The Nest: A resident was warned she was in violation of a policy that states minors are not allowed to stay overnight.

Oct. 29 – The Nest: A resident became verbally abusive when she was told her underaged daughter could not spend the night because of the residence policy.

Oct. 30 – E-Building: A witness reported an unknown person in a wheelchair striking and breaking a hallway window. Facilities management was notified.

Oct. 30 – Student Union Building: Officers responded to reports of a loud female in cafeteria causing a disturbance. Peace was restored when officers arrived.

Nov. 1 – The Nest: Four females were arrested for battery to another resident. Chicago police assisted in the matter.

Nov. 1 – The Nest: A verbal domestic dispute occurred between a boyfriend and girlfriend. Peace was restored by the resident assistant. The boyfriend was asked to leave.

Nov. 2 – The Nest: Officers were notified of the physical altercation between two residents. The offender left when police arrived.

Nov. 3 – F-Building: An officer found several papers with death threats. The papers were indicative of previous letters and notes found around campus.

Nov. 6 – NEIU: A faculty member reported receiving disturbing phone calls from someone claiming to be the FBI. The incident is still under investigation.

Nov. 7 – B-Building: An officer observed a subject violate university regulations about smoking inside the building and also found a knife in their possession.

Nov. 7 – Bernard Brommel Hall: An unknown offender stole victim’s calculator from the study room.

Nov. 8 – The Nest: Officers responded to call of the couple arguing. Peace was restored when they arrived, and no arrests or complaints were made.

Nov. 8 – Library: An unknown offender stole victim’s textbook after it was left unattended.

Nov. 8 – P.E. Building: Officers responded to a verbal altercation between two subjects playing basketball. Peace was restored when they arrived.

Nov. 9 – The Nest: A resident assistant witnessed a resident drop a small bag of suspected cannabis down a toilet. Police were called, and a warning was issued to the subject.

The following incident occurred on October 30th in El Centro

Oct. 30 – El Centro: There was a verbal altercation between a student and faculty member during a test session.

The following incident occurred on November 3rd off-campus

Nov. 3 – Off-Campus: A complainant reported fraudulent charges to an account not affiliated with NEIU. They were told to file a report with Chicago Police.