“Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

Eterniti Wiley, writer

The newest installment of the Marvel VS Capcom series, Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite, was just released last month.

The crazy amount of options to layout your fighting combos while the ability to swap characters to play as your favorites is the charm of this series.

Now that Infinite is here as the fourth installment, the question is ‘Can this game live up to the franchise’s charm or will it drop the title and not feel like it’s precursors?’

You can do the usual combos and chaining but now you can tag your characters anytime you want to without any delay. This means you can air combo your opponent as long as you want and keep on chaining your combos on the ground.

Another nice feature that Infinite brings in is the new mechanic known as Infinity Stone power. You can have six total stones with two special abilities each and use it for any purpose in your fight. These stones can be beneficial for certain matchups like using it for characters with low health points or for making your characters very speedy.

For example, the Soul Stone can bring back the fallen partner when activated and can drain the enemy team’s health if they hit the stone’s projectiles.

Overall, Infinite stays true to the gameplay and made it better. There are amazing gameplay and new twists to the crossover game which makes Infinite a hit for the franchise. You can tag in your characters as long as you want, and use six Power Stones to punish in your fights. They even let beginner players shine with the auto combo feature, just a simple press of buttons and you’re a fighting pro.  

There are a few cons. The drawbacks to “Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite” is that there are no new characters, removal of some characters, and the new story mode.

When it comes to characters, backgrounds, and even simple design touches, those are big things that bring the charm to Marvel VS Capcom series. The developers moved out of the comic style and the game is more realistic and glossy, which is fine, however, sometimes it’s best to leave it 2-D.

Certain character models look bad and out of place, to the point where it hurts the game, like Captain America who looks way so buff that his neck is barely visible.

Another character, Dante, is supposed to be in his “Devil May Cry 3” model. However, he looks way too old. The developers may have been trying to go for his “Devil May Cry 4” model. He is supposed to be older in the “Devil May Cry 4” but it doesn’t match the timeline of Dante’s character in “Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite”.

The biggest con of all is the removal of the X-Men characters. There is no excuse for their absences. This may seem okay to new players or people who not familiar with the series, however, the X-Men team has been in the franchise since the beginning and they’re iconic. I don’t fully know why Wolverine, Storm, and Magneto are not featured and the game takes a hit from their absence.

We get to see some good things out of story modes like interesting interactions between characters and a somewhat entertaining plot. There are also some things about story mode that can be improved. For example, characters mostly have one-liner or incomplete speeches and the animations in the cutscenes don’t fully follow the voice acting.

If you look for crazy, crossover, fighting games some of the first games you think of are probably either Super Smash Brothers or Marvel VS Capcom. Infinite is worth a buy and 8/10 overall. It stays true to its core when it comes to gameplay and has new features of play style.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a new 2-D fighting style game then the Marvel VS Capcom series is for you. This franchise has been famous for its chaotic, competitive, teamwork gameplay since 1996.

“Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite” retails at $59.99. You can get the deluxe edition for $99.99, which includes all the discs in one.

Have fun gamers.