Police Blotter 09/26/2017

Sarahy Lopez, News Editor

Police Blotter

09/26/2017 Issue

The following incidents occurred between the dates of September 14 to September 20 at NEIU’s main campus:

Sept. 14 – P.E. Building: An unknown offender stole a wallet, cell phone and other personal items from a locker.

Sept. 19 – The Nest: A well-being check was made on a student who did not show up to work and has not answered calls from a concerned parent.

Sept. 19 – Parking Lot-J: An unknown offender stole a 2017 Hyundai Sonata from the parking lot.

Sept. 20 – B-Building: A suspicious elderly person who has made threats in the past left the building after police were called.

Sept. 20 – The Nest: A victim reports that an offender had a gun at her door. Officers searched area and were posted at the Nest all night.