Police Blotter for Sept. 12 2017 Issue

Police blotter

09/12/2017 Issue


The following incidents occurred between the dates of August 16 to September 7 at NEIU’s main campus:

August 16 – 3701 W Bryn-Mawr: Victim had his vehicle stolen from this location while visiting friends. Chicago police took a report of the crime.

August 19 – Bryn-Mawr/St. Louis: While patrolling, Chicago police found an intoxicated subject in a vehicle on the side of the road and arrested the subject.

August 23 – Lech Walesa Courtyard: A female was approached by suspicious male looking for professional females to work for his online company.

August 26 – The Nest: A victim was scammed out of hundreds of dollars when told his laptop was infected with a Trojan worm virus.

August 27 – The Nest: Police and staff checked on the well being of a resident on campus. Services were offered to the resident for future use.

August 28 – Fine Arts Building: A staff’s wallet was stolen from her office, and fraudulent purchases totaling over $500 were made with her credit cards.

August 29 – The Nest: A resident assistant reported feeling unsafe after a student raised her voice and used profanity at her.

August 30 – Follet’s Bookstore: An unknown male walked out of the store with paying for a book. The surrounding area was canvassed, but the suspect was not found.

September 1 – The Nest: A victim complained of ankle pain and was taken to Swedish Hospital by an ambulance.

September 6 – J-Building: NEIU staff reported that a locker has been forced open. There were no witnesses and the offender was not found.

September 7 – Parking Garage: A victim discovered damage done to his car when returning from class. There were no witnesses and the offender was not found.