DACA program removal causes outrage

Angel Rodas, Writer

Former President Barack Obama announced the  Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program in 2012. The DACA program allows about 800,000 young immigrant students to study and work the United States of America.

Now President Trump is in the process of removing DACA; he gave Congress six months to resolve the doubt that DACA is unconstitutional.

“We will resolve the DACA issue with heart and compassion — but through the lawful Democratic process — while at the same time ensuring that any immigration reform we adopt provides enduring benefits for the American citizens we were elected to serve,” said Trump.

According to NBC News, The presidential administration is giving Congress six months to come up with a solution before the government stops renewing DACA.

Before the government stops renewing DACA for all the 800,000 immigrant students who came here build a future for themselves.  Major outrage erupted among the people across the country. Protests underwent in Chicago, Washington, California, Phoenix and New York.

As they walked throughout the streets chanting their outrage, the message was clear: DACA recipients and allies are not backing down without a fight.

Not only does the removal of DACA affect students across the country, but it affects NEIU students, too.

NEIU was quick to act upon the situation,  making it possible for students to receive help in the Angelina Pedroso center.

President Helldobler stood behind NEIU students as he responded to the removal of the DACA program via a targeted announcement.

“I, behalf of the Northeastern Illinois community, will continue to work with our national partners to urge congress to preserve the protections for our undocumented students. Our university will do everything it can to continue providing a quality education to all of our students regardless of their immigration status,” he said.

The student government is fully against the removal of the Program DACA. “It does not make sense to me that the [presidential administration] would want to force such a strenuous situation on minors,” Student Government Association President Ashlei Ross said. “ Why would they want to crush these children’s dream? Majority of the people that are affected by this bill have lived in the United States their entire life. Why should they be forced to a country that most of them have never been to or know anything about.”

Out of the 9,000 students that attend NEIU, approximately 289 students are undocumented. The SGA stands firm to protect DACA students, urging President Helldobler, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Governor Bruce Rauner to protect DACA recipients.

“This country was built on the backs from all different nationalities,” Ross said. “ We, as people, must support each other in order for our civilization to progress in a positive direction. We need common sense solutions instead of letting impractical and inhumane actions prevail.”

Not only are there resources on NEIU campus for students to use, but there are resources around Chicago. The National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) will be offering a bilingual hotline at (844-) 411-DACA. The association will make sure the Latino community has the latest information and resources they need.

Alpha Psi Lambda National Inc., the largest Latino fraternity, will be holding a rally on Thursday, Sept. 14 at 3 p.m. to protest the removal of the DACA program.

“We hope to see voices assemble and come share their experience, expertise, and compassion to those who need to be aware, educated, or feel like they are not alone in this fight,” Alpha Psi Lambda National Inc. Vice President Airam Velasquez said. “We believe that the removal of DACA is cruel and unjustified. Trump’s actions are not coming from a place of morality especially no tone with a heart.”

UndocuSpace Hour is a space for undocumented students to come together and support DACA recipients, which meets once a week at 3 p.m. to 4 p.m, locations varies.

There is training for faculty and staff called “Becoming an Undocumented Student Ally” to understand the complications that a DACA recipient may be going through and how to help. The meetings will be located in the Student Union Building in room SU-215 on Friday, Sept. 19 and Oct. 27. Both meetings start at 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

DACA Renewal Workshop will meet at the El Centro campus on Sept. 23 and it will start at 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Undocumented students or DACA recipients can arrange appointments in the Angelina Pedroso center at (773) 442-4601 or through email at [email protected].