White Nationalism in Charlottesville

A statement from Richard J. Helldobler, Interim President

Richard J. Helldobler

On behalf of our University Community, I condemn in the strongest terms the deadly actions that erupted at the University of Virginia this weekend and stand against radical white supremacy and any ideology that espouses bigotry, hatred, intimidation, and violence. These actions are repugnant and do not represent the United States of America.

Because of our deeply held beliefs about equality and our University Value of Diversity, we have an obligation to reject and defeat racism and hatred whenever we see it. We must work together peacefully to delegitimize those who spread hate and protect those who are the victims of that hatred.

Our thoughts are with those in Charlottesville who died or were injured, and we support those who bravely spoke out against racism there as well as at our own University Community and around the world. Bigotry, hatred, intimidation, and violence have no place in a civil society. Let us continue to lead in this area and spread that message every chance we get.


From the Independent Staff: This letter was sent to the NEIU community via a Targeted Announcement on Aug. 14, 2017. The Independent editorial board feels that it’s imperative for everyone to read and reread this message from our Interim President.