Police Blotter 08/22/2017

Police Blotter

08/22/2017 Issue – Back to School 2017

The following incidents occurred between the dates of July 18 to August 15 at NEIU’s main campus:

July 18 – Lech Walesa Hall: An unknown offender wrote political words on the sidewalk with chalk. The facilities management cleaned it up.

July 21 – The Nest: A possibly intoxicated person was escorted to their dorm room by police. They refused medical services.

July 25 – Fine Arts Building: There was a verbal altercation between some students during a class. One party requested that the police escort them to their vehicles.

July 25 – NEIU: A non-student reported threatening messages sent to her phone from her ex-partner.\

July 26 – B-Building: There were reports of an unknown woman walking through the hallways and talking to herself, alarming several witnesses.  

August 11 – 5500 N Kimball Ave: The Police Chief encountered a man high on drugs on the street. The CPD and an ambulance were called.

August 11 – The Nest: A subject was arrested for a domestic disturbance with their girlfriend.

August 15 – D-Building: A hallway window was accidentally shattered by a purse. No injuries were reported.

The following incident occurred on August 15 off-campus:

August 15 – Off-Campus: A student was inquired on police services in regards to an off-campus incident from 2016.