Police Blotter-07/25/2017

Sarahy Lopez, News Editor

Police Blotter

The following incidents occurred between the dates of May 27 to July 12 at NEIU’s main campus:

May 27 – The Nest: A verbal altercation between a couple occurred, but police resolved the matter before it escalated.

May 31 – 3650 W. Bryn-Mawr Ave: A person was given 2 state citations and was issued an I-bond for operating a school bus without a commercial driver’s license and for parking illegally.

June 7 – The Nest: A verbal assault occurred between multiple people and they gave different versions of what happened to the police. No official complaints were signed.

June 13 – 5500 N. Central Park Ave: A person had their driver’s license revoked, received 2 state citations and was issued an I-bond for having no rear or front plates on their car.

June 16 – Personnel Office: An unknown offender left a lewd message on the office’s voicemail.

July 4 – The Nest: An unknown offender stole a bike and bike lock from the Nest’s bike rack.

July 5 – University Access Road: A person was given 2 state citations and was issued an I-bond for disobeying a stop sign and having no valid driver’s license.

July 5 – Follet’s Bookstore: A non-student presented the bookstore with a check without funds. This was a repeat offender.

July 10 – Cafe Descarte: A victim’s ex-boyfriend verbally insulted her while she was working. He was not a NEIU student.

July 11 – Library: There was a verbal disturbance among library patrons when they asked some kids to be quiet.

July 12 – BBH: A police officer found possible drug paraphernalia in one of the bathroom. It was disposed of properly.
The following occurrence happened on May 26 at NEIU’s CCICS campus:

May 26 – CCICS: A fight that broke out between two high school students damaged part of the property.  

The following occurrences happened on July 2 and July 10 off-campus:

July 2 – Off-Campus: A NEIU student was scammed at the Chicago Ribfest event. The scam involved depositing a check for the offender.

July 10 – Off-Campus: A student’s ex-boyfriend showed up at her home and followed her to other places. Police offered her resources.