Review: Esoteric Conceptions, A Student Art Exhibit

Christos Liardakis, Opinions Editor


Suzy Gilioli brings her exhibit, Esoteric Conceptions, to NEIU in FA 216. Esoteric Conceptions combines an array of artistic skill such as ceramics, woodworking, metalworking, and oil painting, bringing to life an array of vivid and mysterious sculptures and paintings. Suzy’s works are very much unbound as she even integrates moss in some of her pieces.
The first sculpture found as you enter the exhibit is called Breaking Perceived Boundaries. This piece uses ceramic working to build multiple parts of what appears to be a dragon melding in and out of the wall. Her second work, Universal Consciousness, combines ceramics with metal, wood, and even moss-working to create a serene yet dignified image of science and mysticism represented by man. The only oil painting in the exhibit, Cosmic Birth, serves as a great example of Piere Tiel Hard de Chardin’s idea of the Noosphere. This concept explores the idea that everyone contributes and is a part of a cosmic collective consciousness that embodies an essence far greater than each individual being.
Suzy’s final work, Knowledge Transcends, uses metal and woodworking techniques to show the idea of society’s beliefs and knowledge being limited to the very earth it comes from. Along with Universal Consciousness, it is the only piece that gives an earthly and rustic feeling showing the limitations of society and mankind in this great universe.