Police Blotter – 4/25/17


Rut Ortiz

Students can request a police escort to their vehicle when leaving campus late at night.

Sarahy Lopez, News Editor

Police Blotter

04/25/2017 Issue – Spring 2017

The following incidents occurred between the dates of April 1 to April 17 at NEIU’s main campus:

April 1 – The Nest: A couple was arguing over a family issue outside of The Nest, but the male left when police arrived.

April 1 – Library: A male was kicked and struck while sitting at the library. The offender apologized and no complaints were signed.

April 3 – Parking Lot J: An ex-boyfriend came to campus uninvited. The police told him to leave and he was given a trespass warning.

April 6 – Library: On two separate occasions, an unknown female had verbal altercations with library staff.

April 17 – Quads: There was a verbal altercation between two students and police stepped in.