Step up to the Challenge


Courtesy of the NEIU Physical Education Facebook page

The Healthy Lifestyle Challenge is the latest initiative from the PE Complex to help encourage healthy eating goals.

Idoia Solano, Writer

With the spring semester nearing midterms, there are new exciting events taking place around campus.

The Campus Recreation Center is always one of the most active locations at NEIU, and it seems to maintain that status in the current semester. With hard-working, passionate people in charge, the Rec picks up the Healthy Lifestyle Challenge this spring where fall semester left off.

With students’ health always in mind, this activity, one of the Rec’s most popular, as it tries to persuade as many students as possible to adopt a healthy lifestyle by providing tips and tricks to develop healthy habits just by changing small daily routines.

The activity will still be focused on promoting a healthy lifestyle, through social media like last semester, however the main activity this spring will be the celebration of  weekly workshops. The workshop is opened to all students on campus, giving them the opportunity of getting to know and, eventually, embracing the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.

The first workshop was at The Nest, organized by students and Campus Rec employees Chriz Cordero and Covadonga Solares, one of our writers. During this workshop, attendees learned about the benefits of the Mediterranean diet and some of its most popular recipes.

In upcoming events, students will learn how to shop smart and cook healthy meals.hey will also learn about different sports and fitness ideas.

The best way for students to embrace a healthier way of living is by taking an active part on it. In order to participate in NEIU’s Healthy Lifestyle Challenge, students can post pictures of their healthy meals on social media with the hashtag #HealthyLifestyleChallenge. By doing this they will instantly be eligible for winning prizes, such as t-shirts, bottles, keychains and towels

With activities like the Healthy Lifestyle Challenge, students can become familiarized with Campus Recreation and all the experiences that it has to offer, while  learning about healthy habits easily applicable in a daily basis. Participants will soon start enjoying all the benefits that a healthier lifestyle will provide them, while at the same time know that they represent an active part of this university.

The challenge began on Feb. 8 and is planned to last until the end of the semester.