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Benefits of the Health and Counseling Services

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Benefits of the Health and Counseling Services

Darko Stojanovic via Pixabay

Darko Stojanovic via Pixabay

Darko Stojanovic via Pixabay

Emilie Messavussu, Writer

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Classes will start to get overwhelming as we sink deeper into the spring semester. Be that as it may, the Counseling Services and Health Services wants to make sure the students are prepared by knowing the services they offer.

A branch of the Health Services on campus is where Catherine Schacht is the advanced practice nurse for women’s health on campus.

“Women who can make an appointment to see me for anything related to gynecology,” Schacht said, “ I will talk to them and refer them to a gynecologist. Routine care I can do, routine exams, pap smears, sexually transmitted disease testing, urinary tract infections and any gynecology questions NEIU students have, they can come and talk to me.”

While there’s the option to schedule an appointment with Schacht and other health counselors on campus, they also offer free events throughout the semester. Currently, they’re offering flu shots and meningitis vaccination for people who are in the high risk group identified by the City of Chicago Department of Public Health.

Health Services offers minor first-aid treatments and tuberculosis shots required for educational programs. Students can also visit the health center to obtain over-the-counter medication.

The Health Service also offers testing for HIV, cholesterol, blood pressure and for strep infection. The Health Service also have emergency contraception and Plan B.

Whereas, the Health Center offers help for the physical body, the Counseling Center covers the body’s mental and emotional state.

“A big event that takes place at the end of each semester is the Stress Free Zone, which we set up in room 214,” Schacht said, “They have massage chairs, free food, a quiet place to relax during exam season.”

The Counseling Services are here to help the students with issues from anger and relationship problems, drinking or drug addiction, suicidal thoughts, feelings of loss or grief, incest or sexual abuse, depression and anxiety, and eating disorders.

The Counseling Services is open to NEIU students who are currently registered. From individual counseling to group counseling, couples counseling and workshops, the Counseling office offers various ways to help their students cope and get through their experience at Northeastern Illinois University.

These services are resources put in place All of these services are here for the NEIU students to take advantage of. They are free, they are open and they are located at the main campus for students to use at any time.

Students can make an appointment with the Counseling Services office by contacting the office at 773-442-4650.

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One Response to “Benefits of the Health and Counseling Services”

  1. Anonymous on February 10th, 2017 4:51 pm

    Am I the only one who has NEVER been able to get a counseling appointment? My 2nd, 3rd, and 4th semesters here, I called withing three minutes of the targetted announcement for free counseling, and each time I was told they were already full. Then I was told I could be referred outside of school to a place in Evanston (I do not own a car, so no).

    I think the school just likes to say they have counseling services, but suspect they actually treat very very few students.

    And don’t get me started on those cranky nurses who tried to judge me once for needing an STD test. So unprofessional!

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Benefits of the Health and Counseling Services