Food Truck Friday finishes for the fall


Emilie Messavussu, Writer

The final Food Truck Friday of the fall was Nov. 18. Five food trucks parked at NEIU in the D lot at 3701 W. Bryn Mawr Ave. The Fat Shallot, The Happy Lobster, The Tamale Spaceship, Aztec Dave’s and Beaver’s Donuts came prepared to serve hungry students.

Even as the winds picked up and the sun set, customers continued to line up, ready to grab grub on-the-go from the food trucks.

There was a sweet and warm aroma from Beaver’s Donuts who served fresh coffee as well.

Aztec Dave’s offered tacos, tortas, burritos, chips and salsas.

The Fat Shallot served classic sandwiches such as grilled cheese, Reubens and BLTs. Isaac Gomez of The Fat Shallot said they like to leave their customers full and satisfied. Mostly found in the downtown area, they can also be found by the University of Chicago in Hyde Park.

There was also the Tamale Spaceship, which served soups, salads, wraps and of course, tamales.

“We make everything from scratch,” said Pepe Balanzar of the Tamale Spaceship. “We don’t use any canned foods.”

The Tamale Spaceship makes chicken and pork tamales. You can find the Tamale Spaceship in the Loop from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Friday.

For those craving seafood, The Happy Lobster served the tastiest lobster dishes on wheels. The Happy Lobster’s menu contains mostly dishes with lobster and is a special treat for seafood lovers. Their specialty is the lobster roll.

“It’s a toasted bun topped with fresh lobster, butter, seasoning, and a dash of mayo.” said Alex Robinson of the Happy Lobster.

With the motto “good food makes people happy” appearing in their logo, they consistently post their locations on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for customers who are interested in finding their next stop.

All of these food trucks operate in the Chicagoland area and serve authentic foods for Chicagoans who want a quick bite to eat. Check them out on social media to catch up to your favorites.

Food Truck Fridays have concluded for the fall semester but look forward to a tasty return in the spring.