Senator Sanders speaks out at southwest suburban school



Senator Bernie Sanders spoke to 3300 people at North Central College in Naperville on Nov. 18.

Alec Thorsen, Contributor

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders spoke at North Central College, Nov 18, continuing his message about the need of political revolution in this country.

Speaking to a crowd of 3,300, he said, “What democracy is about is having a serious discussion made on serious issues.”

Sanders also spoke about media coverage of the recent election that was filled with scandal and personality. He maintained the ideas that the refinancing of student debt and a workers need to make a living wage were not radical concepts, and that real change comes not top down but bottom up.

Promising to work with Trump on projects like infrastructure and trade, Sanders also committed to vigorously opposing the president-elect on any issue rooted in bigotry or racism.

“We must go forward (on social justice), not back.”

His new book “Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In” is available to buy now.