NEIU intramural sports are heating up


Hashim Tillawi & Carlo Varquez, Writers

It is intramural season here at NEIU. The flag football season has already started and basketball started on Oct. 18.  Flag football takes places on the field behind the P.E. complex Tuesdays and Thursdays during activity hour. For basketball, games take place at the P.E. Complex on Sundays from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.

On opening day of the basketball season, four teams competed to start 1-0. The four teams enrolled in the league are the Eagles, DABAH, Threat Level Midnight and Untitled. The first game took place with a matchup of the Eagles versus Untitled. Eagles took the first win of the season with a score of 45-32 . The second matchup between Threat Level Midnight and DABAH quickly followed after. DABAH was able to start the season with a win with a final score of 59-44.

Ibrahim Saeed, 24, is a justice studies major on the winning team, DABAH. He has been playing intramural basketball at the university for the past few years. When asked why  he joined intramural basketball, Saeed said, “I love to ball, and the game.”

In addition, Saeed said, “I want (to) build leadership, create team chemistry, and to get better overall.“

Lastly, Saeed commented on what Threat Level Midnight brought to the court stating, “They pushed and challenged us. They were good competition.”

The P.E. Complex offers a  variety for the fall semester. The sports and activities include: flag football, co-ed volleyball, co-rec soccer, table tennis, video game tournaments and basketball. Flag football playoffs are starting soon. The table tennis tournament started Oct. 20. A golf scramble event happened Oct. 21. Volleyball and soccer will begin Thursday, Oct. 27 .

Norris Narsa is a current graduate assistant that works in the PE Complex. He is the head of intramural sports and student development. Narsa is very proud of his work and what it represents.

Some students complain about how the school isn’t divisional competitive athletically compared to other universities.

“Do we want our school to be remembered for pumping athletes or pumping out future world leaders?” Narsa asked. “We pump out future leaders of the world, everything else after that is just a reward.”

Narsa added, “A student can get involved with rec sports by simply being a student with an ID. He or she can play open rec sports, utilize all amenities, be a part of group classes, use the swimming pool and fitness center.”

Narsa goes on to say, “If there is an interest, we will go above and beyond to make it work. Now that the Nest is here and people live on campus, we have a reason to accommodate to our students and promote healthy lifestyles along with community.”

If you are interested in more information of activities and program, visit the PE complex at the school’s recreational

If you are interested in joining intramurals, please visit the following link and register

If you want to participate, show school spirit, or stay updated, follow up with their Facebook page to stay posted on upcoming games and updates. The Facebook page is NEIU Campus Recreation.