Clowning Around

Cashmere Patterson, Staff Writer

While the small audience in the Chicago Cultural Ceter whispered among themselves, the lights dimmed as a man balancing himself on what appeared to be a beach ball, while simultaneously juggling three balls, entered the room. Child-like music blared from two large speakers as Paul Miller (a.k.a. Pauly the Clown) made his way to the tiny stage.

Having trouble getting on the stage with his large shoes, he asked for advice from the eager children in the audience. “Spin your legs around!” a little one from the audience shouted. Taking the kid’s advice, Pauly sat on the stage and spun his body around in full circle landing back at square one. That did not work, so Pauly asked for more suggestions. “Jump!” one of the kids screamed.

As the kids shouted suggestions, Pauly hilariously followed their instructions, until finally a little girl in the audience shouted innocently, “You’re doing that on purpose!” Pauly responded with, “You got me.” When Pauly finally dropped the act and climbed on stage, the fun began.

While it may have appeared to be a kiddy show, Pauly the Clown had the entire audience engaged, and more importantly, laughing. Packed with laughter and extensive audience participation, The Pauly the Clown Show is an experience. Pauly delivered non-stop laughs as he juggled pins, balanced ladders and danced to the music.

While the audience may have been small, that did not affect Pauly’s energy. In fact, he seemed to be fueled by the small crowd as he pulled audience members, children as well as adults, onto the stage with him to help with spinning plates, human ring tosses, and even to do the Hustle. When the show ended, Paul Miller passed out business cards and thanked his audience.