NEIU Weekend 2016

Danny Montesdeoca, Production Staff

In order to promote student involvement NEIU weekend began with Fall Fest on Friday, September 16.

Friday’s fun included stands that were set up by student organizations, and local artisans who shared the same vision of helping to build a sense of community. One of the local artisans, Tina Smith, mother to an NEIU alumna, has been a vendor at NEIU events for the past 15 years.

Fall Fest also included a beer garden, sand art stations, caricature portraits and live band performances by Covergurl and Esso.

On Saturday, NEIU’s Alumni Association hosted a picnic for alumni, current students, and their friends and family. The Alumni Association helps bridge the gap between past and present by keeping the relationship between NEIU’s different generations healthy and alive.

The Nest also took part in NEIU Weekend on Saturday. After the picnic, returning alumni got a chance to see how the dynamic of NEIU is changing. Many were eager to see what the next steps of NEIU’s future were.

NEIU Weekend brought students, alumni, and community members together to celebrate the progress so far.

Northeastern Programing Board advisor, Ernie Kimlim, said, “NEIU Weekend was put together to build a sense of community, to build a sense of excitement at NEIU.”