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The Unconscious Thinker

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This Shakespearean Sonnet speaks of a W.E.B. Dubois theory of double consciousness, according to the author of the poem and prior .:Seeds:. Editor-in-Chief, Keesha Harris. Harris won the English Department’s Poetry Prize with this poem.

The Unconscious Thinker


He had two eyes,

One brown one blue.

Everything else he’d tried,

So he had to start anew.


Changed his lumbered drag of a walk,

Into a rightful strut.

Perfected his resume talk

And had his braids cut.


Clung to arm candy,

White as Snow.

Boy, ain’t he a Dandy!

With that brown eye closed.


What happens, Dandy, when candy doesn’t stick around?

What happens, brotha’, when your good blue one falls to the ground?