Golden Perspectives

Voices of NEIU


Tatiana Balogun: Student

“I feel like if he becomes president the purge is going to happen for real, like the movie, is really going to happen. I feel like he had everything handed to him on a silver platter. He’s trying to make a ‘Make America Great Again’ and it’s just not going to work.”

Shaniyah El: Student

“I think everybody needs to vote. Everybody who is able to vote needs to vote against him. I just don’t feel like it will be the best choice, because he doesn’t understand everybody. He understands people who grew up like him, with money and all that other stuff. Everybody needs to vote against Trump, because we can’t have it.”



Nabila Elaclla: Student

“Hillary has been in the business a long time, in politics, so she knows a lot. She did mess up as we know, but I think I have to choose her hands down over Trump.”

Nancy Hernandez: Student

“Hillary has showed she is a politician like others in the game. She showed her true color with the Benghazi scandal. But, she also has experience, and can run the government. She would be the choice to carry the country through the next four years.”