N-Safe replaces N-Alert

Pablo Medina, Editor

A new system called N-Safe is replacing the N-Alert messaging procedure.

According to a targeted announcement sent on Aug. 29, the new system is a requirement for both incoming and continuing students.

Even if students had previously signed into N-Alert, the information from that system will not transfer over to N-Safe.

Provided by the company 911Cellular, N-Safe uses student information solely for the purposes of sending notifications including university closings, extreme weather and events concerning campus safety.

Students are also encouraged to sign up through the free 911 Shield mobile app, released in association with N-Safe. The mobile app allows emergency calls to be made, and provides your location to NEIU police as well as other safety options. However, if the student is off campus or location services are turned off, clicking the “get help” button connects to non-NEIU Police

Information that is required for the system to work includes a student’s name, email, cell phone number, a password and a CAPTCHA text to confirm the accuracy and legitimacy of the information.

Options for the alerts include a Spanish-language preference, a landline number and a home address.

As of Sept. 2, the website page contains errors for its information privacy policy as well as its own login page but the mobile app is working.

According to the 911 Cellular website, the company was founded in Cleveland, Ohio and consists of personnel with more than 20 years of experience in law enforcement and technology.

The link to sign up can be found at: portal.publicsafetycloud.net/community-alerts/Northeastern-Illinois-University.