The Weeping Sky

Seeds Corner



The sky is crying

She weeps and moans

With her thunderous roars

Her face is cloudy

And her heart is torn

Her tears pour down on us

And we run for cover


We don’t want to catch her sadness

Once her wailing winds wrap around you

There is nothing more you can do

The weeping sky with her sorrows

Has gotten to you too


-Najlah Iqbal


Najlah Iqbal is currently majoring in English and Secondary Education. She has been writing ever since she could hold a pen. She has performed her poetry at various open mics, and has had her poems published in past Seeds issues. This poem—“The Weeping Sky”—was published in the Fall 2014 edition. She enjoys reading the works of Robert Frost, Mahmoud Darwish, and contemporary artists such as Kevin Coval.


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