Cannot Erase Wilson:

    A Concert Worth the Wait

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    Angela Weisgal

    Steven Wilson performing at the Vic Theater.

    After canceling two shows at the Vic Theatre due to a virus, Steven Wilson gave a dynamic performance on March 8, as if he were making up for the two missed days.


    Wilson’s stage presence was very strong and it was easy to tell that he and his band loved performing. The musicians all had great chemistry. I liked how Wilson and lead guitarist David Kilminster’s guitars sounded together and the rhythm section with Nick Beggs on bass and Craig Blundell on drums were excellent as well.  


    Steven Wilson, best known for being a member of 90s rock band Porcupine Tree, released his fourth solo album “Hand. Cannot. Erase” last year. The album is based on a true story about Joyce Carol Vincent, a woman who died in her London apartment whom no one noticed was dead for three years.


    Israeli singer Ninet Tayeb sang lead vocals on three of the songs: “Hand Cannot Erase,” “Routine” and “Ancestral.” Her vocal performance was very powerful in “Hand Cannot Erase” and emotional as well in “Routine.”


    “Routine” was the most emotional part of the concert. The song is about keeping up a routine after a loss and brought tears to my eyes.


    The strongest moment of the concert began with the Porcupine Tree song “Lazarus,” which was done as a tribute to David Bowie, a musician whom Wilson respected for the way he “never seemed to stand still.”


    Then a translucent curtain dropped in front of the band and very impressive graphics were shown while the songs “Vermillioncore” and “Sleep Together” were performed.


    The last song, “The Raven That Refused To Sing” was also excellent and the visuals made it a real experience and even more emotional.


    All in all, this is one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. I highly recommend seeing Steven Wilson in concert, especially if you’re a fan of bands like Rush, Genesis, and Pink Floyd. There was a little something for everyone at this concert.