‘How to be Single’ – A Movie Review

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    “How to be Single” is by far the best romantic comedy for people craving a realistic outcome.

    I must confess, I watched the movie mainly because it was released two days before Valentine’s Day.  As a single lady myself I thought, “this movie is made for me!”

    Within the first few minutes, I recognized that the woman who starred in “Fifty Shades of Grey” also played the main character, Alice.That clouded my experience (at first) since I sincerely think Dakota Johnson failed miserably in that movie.

    Reluctantly, I gave Johnson the benefit of the doubt. I regretted that as soon as I realized her character was leaving her boyfriend, Josh (Nicholas Braun—swoon!), of four years on a whim to “find herself.”

    I mean, what?! What kind of BS is that?

    My heart sincerely ached for him since her reasons for breaking his heart were,“I don’t know how to be by myself” and she was trying to find something “more.

    Alice found an apartment on her own, where we see she can’t do anything without any sort of help. There are several shots where we see her struggling to unzip her own dress.

    Seriously, this girl is hopeless.

    Enter Robin (Rebel Wilson). Here is a lady shamelessly enjoying her life with one-night stands and partying like there’s no tomorrow in New York City. She takes poor Alice under her wing and teaches her the do’s and don’t’s of how to be single in a gigantic city.

    My favorite scene between Alice and Robin is when Robin warns Alice not to text Tom—a very charming bartender played by Dan Stevens (yum).

    “If you use an emoji, I will tit punch you,” Robin warned, and ultimately Alice didn’t listen. The tit punch was so unexpected, I laughed like a hyena.

    The true love story in this movie develops with Alice’s older sister, Meg (Leslie Mann), who craves a baby desperately—but quietly. We see her struggle to cope with the possibility of a childless future until she takes matters into her own hands through an artificial insemination.

    I have to admit, I was rooting for Meg to find love. It seemed like she almost did with Ken (Jake Lacy), but her own self-destructing nature denies his love.

    “For the record this is not my walking away. This is you pushing me away,” Ken informed Meg, after he selflessly accepted the possibility of fatherhood but was rejected.

    I died, guys! I mean, c’mon! Meg clearly loves Ken. Why push him away?? Frustration and irritation grew immensely in me as Meg let time pass. It seemed she wasn’t ever going to find love.

    “How to be Single” is an emotionally satisfying movie that will leave you feeling hope for your single (or in-a-relationship) lifestyle.

    It is currently showing in several movie theaters throughout Chicago. Go watch it!