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William Castro, Writer

Who is Your Favorite Woman in History?


Jeanette Kirshenbaum - Junior/Photo by William Castro
Jeanette Kirshenbaum-Junior/Photo by William Castro














My favorite woman from history is Rosa Parks because she fought for what she believed in. She didn’t care what anybody said or what was “right” at the time. She just went ahead and did it anyway and people started modeling themselves after her, fighting for their rights.


D'lo Hampton-Junior/Photo by: William Castro
D’lo Hampton-Junior/Photo by: William Castro














Celine Dion. She is an extremely strong woman and talented woman. She shows that she has a heart on her sleeve all the time. Even with the passing of her husband, she still remains strong for her kids and for the rest of her family. …I love her music. The things she sings about are so true and so powerful and even after all the stuff that recently happened to her I am seeing her songs in a different light.


Brian Rewko-Sophomore/Photo by William Castro
Brian Rewko-Sophomore/Photo by William Castro












The most important woman in history in my opinion is my own mother. That is mostly because even though she has been through so much. Honestly considering what she has gone through, she is still a wonderful person that has her priorities straight. She always has good intentions and can power through any situation.


Alex Pacete-Senior/Photo by William Castro
Alex Pacete-Senior/Photo by William Castro














My mom. She’s from the Philippines and she moved here when she was eight. They had hard times here. She didn’t have her own room. It was a family of five kids, a big family. She’s a hard worker. She’s a nurse. I love my mom.