Girl Incognito…


…the nun.  Dressed in the purest of clothing,

She had to outrun the furthest city lights to

Live in the house of god, his sanctuary.

But there was to be (‘no escape!’)

From the past she was hiding.

So bitter and aging,

She drunk from the glass of empty

Before reciting hymns of plenty

All the while still carrying the pain of longing.

That little girl with her eyes of terror and also of wonder,

Still lives inside—clinging

To the nun. Aged in the purest of covering…



Writer Biography-

Christina Marie Dunford is currently pursuing an English degree at NEIU.

The inspiration for most of her writing stems from being a notorious people watcher

or from contemplating the oppression of the human condition. The poem—“Girl Incognito”—is set to be published in the upcoming edition of Seeds.


About Seeds-


From poetry to prose, to sculptures and photography, Seeds hopes to provide a medium through which the members of the university community and beyond can showcase their talents in the visual and literary arts. We are the avenue to diversity at NEIU in artistry; it is embraced and encouraged.


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