Campus Recreation Adds Table Tennis to List of Tournaments


Spencer Jones, Sports Editor

On February 2nd, NEIU’s Campus Recreation hosted its 2nd annual Table Tennis Tournament. The one day tournament took place on court 1 in the P.E. Complex. Only one out of the 18 participants would be able to take home the prize of a Campus Recreation exclusive shirt and the title of single’s champion.

The tournament was a bracket styled double elimination. Team Jadin won the event after going undefeated through a series of rounds. As noted by Sports Educator and Campus Rec Staff, Liz Urcinas, this is the second semester that Table Tennis has been offered, and they’re getting prepared for the Doubles tournament in early March.

Though Northeastern isn’t a part of the NCAA collegiate sports world, their Assistant Director of Campus Recreation Christian Kopp believes that this school has more than enough to keep its student physically satisfied. Kopp, who has spent time as a basketball coach before he started his career with NEIU, believes that the students look forward to these one-day styled tournaments.

“The things about table tennis is that we offer one and two day tournaments, and our students seem more interested in playing in one and two day tournaments,” Said Kopp. “So that seems to be the draw for table tennis, that it’s a small commitment in terms of time, and they get a lot in terms of gratification.”

The students and staff that took part in this event looked more than satisfied with the effort and contribution Campus Rec put into the event. According to their Facebook page, there’s currently a 5 vs. 5 basketball tournament being held on Tuesdays and Thursday’s. To stay updated with what NEIU’s recreational center has going on, visit the University’s page on