Letters of Leadership: Student Advisory Council

To future leaders and all students at NEIU,

I am delighted to be able to share a little bit about the Student Advisory Council (SAC) of the College of Business and Management.

The Student Advisory Council is a council of clubs where the leaders of all the clubs and activities of the College of Business and Management sit down to talk about the overall strategic plan for the activities of the college at the end of the school year. Then, throughout the year, they work together to help each other execute events that benefit the student body. We seek activities that go beyond the traditional classroom and enhance what students already know in a fun and engaging way. We do this either through field trips, conferences, or other events.

One of the projects we work on every year is the College of Business and Management’s Annual Etiquette Gala. The Etiquette Gala is an event where students learn and practice etiquette skills in a formal dining setting. After the etiquette instruction, we hold the Student Choice Awards Ceremony and then there is music/entertainment. So, it’s a really fun and engaging evening.

In addition, the students who plan and execute this and other college events learn valuable lessons that they can easily carry forward with them into their careers. The fact that they are able to put together an event for hundreds of guests and coordinate dozens of tasks and numerous vendors, all while working under pressure, really gives them some valuable management experience. I think some of the valuable skills that SAC provides students are: Learning to solve problems quickly and learning to work together with a team.

So, in part, the reason why SAC is so important to our school is because it builds our leaders. It trains those who might one day become our business or even political leaders.

Students interested in joining the SAC should contact any club leader of the COBM for more information or can contact our President, Mario Kochanski, at [email protected].

We hope to hear from any students interested in joining the Student Advisory Council, but at the very least we hope you will come celebrate another year of great leadership with us at the 23rd annual Etiquette Gala Feb. 5‬ at Alumni Hall. Registration is online at https://your.neiu.edu/events/cobmetiquettegala.


Alicia Mendoza

Vice President – Student Advisory Council of the COBM