Letters Of Leadership: Seeds

From poetry to prose, to paintings, drawings, sculptures and photography—we at Seeds Literary & Visual Arts Journal strive to provide a medium through which the members of the academic community, as well as other creative souls, can showcase their talents in the visual and literary arts.

Seeds is one of the media organizations funded by Northeastern Illinois University. We strive to unearth the most interesting, unheard and unique voices by soliciting submissions in both the fall and the spring semesters to produce two publications each school year. Our team is currently in the editing and production phase of the fall 2015 issue, vol. 10 and our launch date and party will be announced next week. We are currently accepting submissions for the spring 2016 issue, vol. 11.

While Seeds continues to accept and consider submissions of all genres and/or themes, we have a special call for submissions. Amid the wide spread protest for racial equality on college campuses, the police violence that sparked the Black Lives Matter movement, the killing of a 9-year-old boy over an alleged gang war and the satire by director Spike Lee that highlights the violence plaguing many neighborhoods in Chicago — Seeds is asking for creative submissions that pertain to race relations.

Your stories, poetry and art can evolve from actual or imagined experience, frustration over media coverage, examining history and/or an imagined future.

Seeds will aide in sparking thought in your creative mind by posting prompts to our website and social media pages as well as hold workshops. We have some very inspirational events planned to encourage everyone to lend a voice to this human issue. Keep an eye out for the Seeds logo on campus for information.

To get involved with Seeds—attend one of our meetings in room E-035 on Thursday’s from 3-4 p.m. or email us at [email protected]. The deadline for spring submissions will be Feb. 18, 2016. Digital copies of recent issues as well as information on the call for submissions, workshops events, and guidelines on how to submit your work for publication can be found at http://seedslitjournal.wordpress.com.

Literature and art remind us that history is the collective story of everyday people working for a different tomorrow. Artists and authors create emerging cultures that expand our imagination and help us see beyond the “fixed facts” of the present. Your stories, your poetry and your art has the power to spark new conversations and ultimately—new histories, both big and small. The Seeds organization is dedicated to giving voice and fostering collaborations that empower writers and artists. We accept our charge as the literary face of the university, and we are here to plant the Seeds that will flower into a beautiful future.

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